Short Course 2020-2021 Updated Information for all

Jamie Lee


The coaching staff has been working to get our season started very soon.  However, due to the number limit restrictions in the facility, we will be limited on the number we can train.  Monday, August 17 the Advanced and Transitional groups only will be the first back for training.  Practice will begin at 6:00 p.m. and last until approximately 7:30 p.m.  We are going to work our other groups back in once we see our total numbers and how logistics work for the facility.  Please bear with us during this.  We have to be patient on how we can work all the swimmers back into the pool.

We were recently informed the YMCA in Ocean Springs would no longer be able to accommodate us for water training.  We will have to hold all our practices to the Natatorium.  We deeply apologize about this but we do not have a choice.  We hope this does not discourage any family from returning once we are able.

We hope to have registration opened up by end of the day today.  We only want the Advanced and Transitional swimmers registering at this time.  Once we work the other groups in, the registration will be required at that time.  If a swimmer is not registered, they will not be allowed in the facility.  Please check the website periodically for this.

For any new swimmers, tryouts must be scheduled in advance.  Please let anyone know who is interested in trying out they must notify us via email, call the Nat. 228-435-6205, and we will get back with them as soon as we can.

Every swimmer must come to the pool ready and leave in the same attire.  No showers or changing areas are available at this time.  Please wear the appropriate attire to the pool:  t-shirt, your swimsuit, exercise shorts over your suits, socks and appropriate workout shoes.  Restrooms will be available but we ask please do your best to use before arriving to the pool.  We want to limit the use of restrooms the best we can.  Make sure all have a mask and you are wearing it.  We will discuss on how we will hold dryland activities with the groups.  Each swimmer must bring their own training equipment for the pool and take it with them each day.  We will not have any available for use at this time. 

Swimmers will enter the Natatorium on the southwest double doors and immediately move to the patio area if weather permitting.  If not, swimmers will report to North deck.  Please remember masks are required any time the swimmer is not in the pool as well as social distancing (6 feet or more).  Spectators/parents are not allowed in the facility.  Please make your appropriate plans for this.    

These are hard times for all of us.  We can assure you we are doing everything in our power to get back into the pool.  Please help us out however you can.  Please screen your swimmers.  If they have symptoms, are not feeling well, have been exposed, etc.; do not allow them to come to practice. 

Let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you!

BEST Coaches