When and how do I register?

All new athletes can register after speaking with a BEST Coach.  All returning registrations are recommended to be done in August.  Registrations can take place after and will be active throughout the short course season (August - February) and the long course season (March - July).

When are fees paid?

Registration fees will be paid during registration.  All athletes will be required to register with USA Swimming as well as pay a team registration fee once per each season, short course and long course.  The USA registraiton fee as well as the appropriate season fee will be charged at the time of registration.  If registered in short course, the long course season registration fee will be placed onto your account and charged in March.

Training fees are paid monthly and are drafted on the 1st of each month for that month.  However, if an athlete registers after the 1st of the month, training fees will be doubled at the 1st of the following month.  This will pay for the month of registration as well as the upcoming month for training.

Any other fees:  swim meets, team shirts, team caps, etc. will also be placed onto your account and will be charged the following 1st of the month.