The coaches of the Biloxi Elite Swim Team are dedicated to offering the most unique and beneficial training program to all ages and ability levels.  In order for athletes to reach maximum potential, coaches will take a progressive approach to developing each of their physical and mental strengths and weaknesses.  As athletes progress through groups, more demanding physical challenges will be introduced, along with an expected degree of commitment and desire to succeed competitively.  This program has been designed to motivate athletes and challenge them to become the BEST they can be both in and out of the water.

Group Placement 

It is important to remember that each athlete is unique and will advance on an individual basis.  It is not the intentions of the Biloxi Elite Swim Team to “rush” any athlete to advance sooner than they are physically, mentally, or emotionally ready.  Each athlete is constantly and carefully evaluated by the coaching staff on a regular basis.  The Biloxi Elite Swim Team is committed to providing the BEST program for each athlete's long term success.  

Other sports?

We encourage the participation in other sports and activites at an early age.  This will aid in the development of cognitive ability and motor skills in each athlete.  Our schedules for the early on athlete are very flexible to allow the athlete to balance these activities and hope they can experience it all.  

Please CONTACT US to schedule a tryout or to send us an email request for more information.