The Desert Sharks Swim Club offers swimming training in different practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Our goal is to offer age-specific training for all and challenge each individual to the best of THEIR abilities. All new swimmers are assessed by our age-appropriate coach before being placed in any other group.

Senior Sharks
Coach: Luis Vidana 
Westside: Luis Vidana
Practices at Hawkins, SAC, and west.
$85.00 monthly dues

Black Sharks
Coach: Livny Del Valle
practice at Cowan Pool 5 days per week
$80.00 Monthly Dues

Red Sharks
Coach: Luigi Solis
practice at  Cowan  5 days per week.
$75.00 monthly dues

White Sharks 
Coach: Bill Ragland
practice at Cowan 5 days per week
$70.00 monthly dues.

Silver Sharks
Coach: Natalie Nevarez
Practice at Marty Robbins 5 days per week
$65.00 monthly dues

Shark Pups
Coach: Jesse Sandoval    
Coach: Nataly Nevarez 
Coach: Alexis Mendoza
practice at Marty Robbins 4 days per week
$60.00 monthly dues