EPAP is a coach-driven team, governed by an elected Board of Directors and parent volunteers. 

Board of Directors Responsibilities

The board is comprised of parent volunteers who are responsible for overseeing the financial and administrative operations of the club.

Member Parent Volunteer Responsibilities

Parent volunteers run swim meets. At all our local swim meets, we are required to provide timers and officials, even when we are not the sponsoring club. When we are the sponsoring club all parents are needed to run a successful meet.

New parents usually begin as a lane timer for regular meets and we encourage everyone to get more involved by becoming an official and/or equipment operator and board/committee member.

In addition to providing timers, officials and equipment operators for regular meets, we are responsible for hospitality and selling advertising for all EPAP sponsored meets. Only coaches are paid; volunteers perform all other functions. Let the pool representative, coach or board member know which job/jobs you are interested in learning. Many parents perform in multiple capacities in our club and USA Swimming.

Once you are involved, you’ll really feel you are a part of the EPAP family. For over 50 years our parent volunteers have helped keep the cost of running a first rate swim club down and we are committed to do so in the future. Ask your EPAP pool manager, board member or coach how you can help your child’s team.