EPAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I register?
    Head over to our webpage, www.aquaposse.org, and click “Registration” on the homepage. Follow the prompts, and please read the information carefully. 

  2. Why isn’t my account active? I just registered. 
    Team administrators must approve each registration to make sure we have the swimmer in the correct practice group and that all information required is complete. 

  3. Returning Swimmer Registration – The system won’t let me log-in to register! 
    Do not log-in, just click on the “Registration” button on the homepage.

  4. Does my swimmer have to do meets?
    Yes, unless he/she is a Tadpole. Meets are an important part of learning for coaches, parents, and swimmers, and participation is encouraged. During meets, coaches are able to observe things from swimmers that they do not usually show in practice, which allows coaches to plan more effective practice sessions. 

  5. My child is a Tadpole and wants to go to a swim meet. Can he/she?
    Upon a coach’s recommendation, yes. 

  6. Do meets cost extra?
    Yes. Each meet fee is determined by the team hosting the meet. Sometimes it is a flat “per swimmer” fee for the entire meet, but more often than not, it is a per event fee plus a facility, water usage, or splash fee. 

  7. How often are the meets and where are they held?
    This depends on the ability level and age of your swimmer, but typically there is a meet every 3-4 weeks. Meets are held at various locations around the city, while some are out-of-town. Please visit our website often to check for the most up-to-date information about swim meets. 

  8. How do I sign my child up for meets?
    Our website will be changing soon to an updated, easier to navigate interface, but for now, please go to www.aquaposse.org, log-in to your account, and click on the “EVENTS” tab. Click the name of the meet, then click the “Edit Commitment” button. Choose “YES” from the drop-down menu, and use the comment box to tell us if there is a day/session your swimmer(s) cannot attend. Click “SAVE CHANGES” to put your name into the system to attend the meet. Coaches will select events for your child. Please read the meet documents which are posted on the same page. These documents will give you all the details you need to attend the meet such as dates, warm-up times, estimated timelines, type of meet, location, etc. 

  9.  What are the volunteer requirements? And why do I have to volunteer?
    In order to run a successful meet, we need your help! To help keep us running, friends and family members who dedicate their time to the team are just as important to us as the swimmer(s) and fees. EPAP hosts a meet in December, and helps our Local Swim Chapter (LSC) with a meet in February. Your volunteer requirements at these meets will depend on which practice group your swimmer(s) is in. Please refer to the Short Course Season Contract for more detailed information. 

  10. Do I have to buy stuff? Suit, caps, equipment, etc.?
    Yes, you will need to invest in various things including:          
    • Team suit for competitions
      • Speedo Quantum Splice in navy/gold/white 
    • Practice suits
      • Any suit that stays in place, is comfortable, and is not worn out. 
    • Team swim cap for competition 
    • Practice caps
      • Silicone caps are recommended. 
      • For those with longer hair, a “long hair” swim cap is highly recommended. 
    • Goggles
      • Most swimmers prefer to have more than one pair of goggles depending on the environment and whether it is practice or a competition.
    • Equipment
      • Tadpoles/Minnows: mesh bag, kickboard, and fins
      • Blue – Senior: mesh bag, kickboard, fins, paddles, pull buoy, snorkel
        * Warm ups and team backpacks are optional.*
  1. How do I get all this stuff?
    Equipment, suits, and other items can be ordered through Ski Pro via our website. Log-in to your account onand click on the “Equipment” tab on the homepage. We receive special pricing from Ski Pro, and it is often easier to just order everything from one place! Locally, you can contact Maria Luisa Arias for equipment at (915) 241-2708.

  2. Are the practice groups sorted by age? 
    No, they are sorted by experience and ability. Research indicates that swimming is second only to gymnastics in terms of hard work. We must be thoughtful and plan long term for our athletes. Pushing them too hard and too fast results in injury and burnout. EPAP has more swimmers sign with colleges and compete at higher levels than any other team in the region, and we accomplish this by making incremental increase in workload and intensity at proper stages of development. 

  3. Who will be coaching my swimmer? 
    We have a dynamic group of coaches with individual swimming experience and many collective years of coaching experience. Some coaches were born and raised right here in the El Paso Aqua Posse family, while others come to us with great knowledge and experience from various parts of the continent. Please visit the “Coaches” section of the website for detailed information on each coach.