Town Hall - May 27

Stephanie Bates


  • Tennis West
    • Started this week
      • Seniors started Friday
      • Gold started Monday – attendance is about 40%
    • Seniors 
      • Will be 4 swimmers per lane from 5am-6:30am.  
      • Attendance is 90%
    • Other groups
      • Will begin June 1
    • Asked for more time (extending beyond the summer), and got some pushback. 
      • Rene negotiated 3 months, but Tennis West's demographic is older and prefers quiet time in the mornings during yoga sessions.
      • Saturdays with the younger kids may be a better option since there is no yoga.
  • ​​​Eastside
    • ​Working to secure water time at Kilkenny Pool or Fred Loya YMCA. 
      • Waiting on Coach Gus (Revolution) @ Kilkenny
      • Waiting on Fred Loya to return calls
      • Both pools are outdoors and will have stricter guidelines than Tennis West. 
  • Guest Speaker Fridays

Returning To The Pool (Tennis West)

    • All members of Aqua Posse will be charged 100% dues for June. For grievances, please reach out to Coach Todd.  
    • Everyone will be given the opportunity to get back in the water.
    • Intention to swim required.
  • In-water practice
    • Per group sign up on the website required
    • Todd needs to see commitment numbers to assist with planning
    • Eastside invited to join at Tennis West
    • Blue/Blue Elite to swim 3x/week
    • Minnows & Tadpoles 2x/week on the days when Blue/Blue Elite is not swimming
  • Summer League & Meets
    • There is no summer league this summer, so we’d like to recruit the summer league swimmers.
    • Intersquad meet at the end of June, August, and September.
      • Make it fun for 14 & unders
    • Unsure about what meets Border will have this fall.
  • City of El Paso Financial Woes
    • The City of El Paso has a 30-month plan to “balance the budget" that includes REMOVING pools completely from the budget (along with other “quality of life” opportunities)
      • Stephanie put together a proposal to re-open pools, Todd submitted city and county.
        1. Received positive feedback, but no indication to move forward.
      • Todd and Mundo Jr were interviewed by KFOX to bring publicity to the sport of swimming + local CBS affiliate
      • Mental health benefits of regular exercise need to be pushed to support reopening pools.
      • If an agreement is made with the city, Todd doesn’t think it will happen until late July or early August.

Open The Floor

1.Claudia Murillo

a.Is Eastside allowed to go to Tennis West? (Yes)
b.Happy belated birthday to Coach Stephanie!

2.Rene Hernandez

a.Will there still be TAGS?
i.Yes, but the format will be different (Virtually and will be all age groups)
ii. Swimmers will be ranked and dryland events may be included