Town Hall Notes - June 4

Stephanie Bates

Please find the notes from last night's Town Hall meeting below. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Coach Todd! 

7:13pm, June 4


  • Tennis West
    • Total of 65 swimmers in the water. 
    • Would like to see that number go up
    • Port-a-potty to be delivered June 4. 
    • Todd and facility are testing the pool regularly
    • Understands it is a drive from the Eastside
      • Willing to allow "coming when you can" ONLY for Eastside swimmers 
  • ​​​Eastside
    • ​Working to secure water time at Kilkenny Pool or Fred Loya YMCA. 
      • Waiting on Coach Gus (Revolution) @ Kilkenny
      • Waiting on Fred Loya to return calls
      • Both pools are outdoors and will have stricter guidelines than Tennis West. 

Policy and Procedure

    • All active members of Aqua Posse were charged 100% dues. For grievances, please reach out to Coach Todd.  
    • Everyone will be given the opportunity to get back in the water.
  • Current EPAP Policy Reminder 
    • " I understand that if I want to terminate or suspend my membership with El Paso Aqua Posse, I must provide a 30-day written (email) notice to terminate/suspend membership to the Team Administrator. I acknowledge that dues will not be prorated for the swimmer(s) who terminate mid-month. I understand that all outstanding account fees, including fundraising commitments, must be paid prior to termination/suspension. There is no fee to rejoin; however, rejoining El Paso Aqua Posse will be subject to space available within the training group."
      • Due to the current global situation, we are willing to accept requests for suspension/termination as they come in, effective from the day it is requested, except the last or first day of the month. 
  • Reserve Your Spot 
    • Weekly sign-ups will be required if we continue to get more swimmers in the water. 
      • Todd is creating lane assingments and taking attendance for contact tracing purposes
    • Seniors are currenty swimming 4 per lane, but not 100% attendance yet. 
      • Jack gives them no time to rest on the wall and breathe in each other's faces
    • ​Please invite other EPAP swim families to come to practice if they haven't yet. 
      • Process may seem complicated when you read about it, but when you see it in action, it is different. 

City and Border Swimming Update

  • City of El Paso
    • Met with Tracey Jerome and Ben Fifie on Tuesday, June 2
      • Want to use us as a "test" to see if the same can be done for other sports and programs. 
        • In 2-3 weeks, we could possibly have access to city water
          • Realistic timeline is July.
            • Need an exact date of when they will start
            • Teams have already committed the month of June to other facilities. 
          • (EPAP) Keep Tadpoles at Tennis West
            • It's warmer and is safer and more conducive to learning for that age group (outside and has a shallow end)
      • Westside Natatorium costs $1,000,000/year to run
        • Maybe half is staff/personnel 
      • Tried to get Armijo, but that wasn't on the list of available sites
      • Trying to get a quote for Leo
      • Offered Rental Rates​ 
        • Westside Natatorium
          • 16 lanes, 4 hour block of time
            • Either $698/hour or $698 for the 4 hours
              • 6 of the 8 people on the call feel that they said $698 for 4 hours, not $698/hour
        • Eastside
          • Marty Robbins, Pavo
            • 16 lanes, 4 hour block of time
              • $300 for the 4 hours
          • Working with other teams to figure out how to split the time
    •  Before Tuesday's meeting, Paul (?) claimed the city was going to close pools, libraries, and museums for 30 months to help balance the budget. 
      • Clarification needed
    • Adrian Slater sending a rough draft proposal from Border to the City on 6/4 
  • Border Swimming
    • ​Technical Planning Committee was formed to help with moving forward with the City. 
      • 6 days/week for 4 hours/day for 4 weeks at the Westside Natatorium would be $16,752
        • Impossible for any team for afford by themselves! 
        • Contract to rent pool space through Border(?)
    • BLAST and RAST are ready to jump into any water space, as are we! 
    • Todd even talked to other teams about renting a space and building an above ground pool to combat the city's 30 month plan. 

School Districts and Building Membership

  • School Districts
    • School districts that are not used to paying such high prices for watertime at pools may be struggling to come up with how to pay
      • May want to start building a relationship with districts to help them come up with ways to get their swimmers in the water
        • If anyone wants to reach out to Maria Kennedy, please do! 
    • Once schools have a more concrete plan on how the school year is going to look (blended learning model? Going back to regular schooling until November, then online learning through February?) let us know!
  • Building Membership
    • July Pool Time - Westside
      • 6-10am in the mornings, 4-8pm at night, so we need to fill those lanes! 
        • ​Reach out to other parents
          • Let them know that we will have plenty of space available for their child(ren) and themselves if they want to start swimming. 
          • Offer Flex membership to 18 years old & under
          • Masters group/membership for parents who want to join
    • Eastside
      • New Eastside facility will be fully operational August 1
        • HUGE opportunity to gain more membership, especially during an Olympic year. 
      • Nextdoor (app) Media Campaign
        • Post about the team, invite people to come and see what we are all about



  • Can we bring Learn to Swim back, or does the City still want to keep "Swimming lessons" to themselves?
    • Todd brought up that idea, and the city's response was "it's your 4 hours"
    • COVID rules and procedures were not disucssed. 

Stephanie - clarified Flex membership (see above)

Mark Alvarado 

  • Schools are mostly looking at some type of blended learning/hybrid format. Houston is going hybrid, for sure. 

Jennifer Vargas

  • Schools are waiting on guidance from TEA, basically. 

Liz Magallanes 

  • Clarification on policy and procedure: do parents need to stay in their vehicles? Or are they allowed to be on the pool deck?
    • Todd: Parents need to follow our team Procedure Guide (found on the "In-Water Training Schedule" PDF) 

Todd Roberts

  • Hope people are finding these weekly meetings useful. There are many coaches from other teams who are feeling frustrated. Feels that we don't have as much frustration. 

Concluded 7:47pm