This is the El Paso Aqua Posse's Home Page for Safe Sport and Safety.

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EPAP's Safe Sport and Safety Coordinator – Kendall Hernandez <[email protected]>

EPAP, its coaches, officials, and volunteers are committed to providing our swimmers with a safe and secure environment in which to practice, compete, and enjoy the sport of swimming. We fully endorse and support USA Swimming’s Safe Sport and Safety programs by providing training, policy guidelines, reporting channels, and other resources for our clubs and members.

EPAP Safe Sport Program

Safe Sport focuses on creating a secure environment for our swimmers and non-athlete members that is free from abuse of any kind including sexual abuse, bullying, and inappropriate communications.

USA Swimming’s Safe Sport program  provides comprehensive information for clubs, coaches, members, swimmers, and parents. The Club Tool Kit includes the Safe Sport Policies and Guidelines which outlines required policies and best safe sport practices for members and clubs and free online education programs  for coaches, officials, parents, and swimmers. Please click here to initiate a background check.

The USA Swimming Safe Sport Committee compiled the following document that coaches and officials can use to educate themselves and as a reference when questioned about USA Swimming’s efforts to protect young athletes.  It includes the Safe Sport Authorization Act as well as a history of Safe Sport at USA Swimming.

Safe Sport Committee Summary Document

The USA Swimming Code of Conduct  requires any individual with credible information involving sexual misconduct to report that information to our Safe Sport Program staff.  USA Swimming provides an online form for confidential reporting of sexual misconduct, bullying, inappropriate communications, or code of conduct violations. Please be aware that in North Carolina everyone has a duty to report suspected child abuse to law enforcement. Contact your county’s Division of Social Services or the Special Victims unit at your police station for more information about reporting. If an incident involving child sexual abuse occurs outside of North Carolina, please also contact law enforcement in the municipality in which the incident occurred.

Safe Sport contacts:

USA Swimming and US Center for Safe Sport Contact & Reporting Information

Southern Zone Safe Sport Chair, Ceci Christy, [email protected], 404-219-6915


Safe Sport Best Practices

EPAP Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy 2.0

EPAP E-Comm Policy

EPAP Anti-Bullying Policy

EPAP Athlete & Parent Code of Conduct Policy

EPAP Grievance Procredures Policy

EPAP Travel Policy

FREE Safe Sport Education for Parents

Click here to download, fill out, print and sign the Permission Slip for Minor Athlete to Travel to a Competition with an Unrelated Applicable Adult