Dear Swim Team Parent,

Every year, the Towamencin Swim Team invites businesses to sponsor our team. Many of the companies that have sponsored TST in the past are either local, owned by someone on the team, or owned by someone who is personally connected to the team in some way.

This year we have put together sponsorship packages which will give companies the opportunity to sign up at pre-designated sponsorship levels (ranging from $100 to $1,000+) and provide them with marketing benefits that we hope will make them want to sponsor our team for years to come.

What we need now is the help of every team family to bring sponsors our way!  

To kick-start this brand-new initiative, we are offering anyone who secures a sponsorship a refund against their team registration fees. Families or individuals who obtain a sponsor commitment (including payment) will receive 10% of the sponsorship package value as a credit* back against their team registration fees. Families can bring multiple sponsors and receive that 10% credit for every package they sell, up to the total amount they paid for team registration. 


- The Smith family has two swimmers and paid $250 in team registration fees. They bring on three Platinum sponsors @ $500 and two Gold sponsors @ $250, totaling $2,000 in sponsorship dollars. They will receive 10% of that total, or $200, as a credit back against their team registration fees.

- The Jones family has one swimmer and paid $125 in team registration fees. They bring on three Platinum sponsor @ $500, totaling $1500 in sponsorship dollars. 10% of that total would be $150 which exceeds the total amount they paid in team registration fees so they would receive $125 (or the full amount they paid) as a credit back against their team registration fees.

If you would like to help raise support through sponsorships, you can use the attached sponsorship package information sheet**, sample cover letter, and donor commitment form. These documents will also be available on our Facebook page and the TST Team Unify page.

All sponsorships forms must be submitted, along with payment, by Friday April 29, 2022. If the sponsorship package requires logos, graphics, photos or scripts, those must be received by Friday May 13, 2022. We will work with you and the sponsor to secure these.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 215-872-9834 or [email protected]

Laura Heebner

Vice President, Towamencin Swim Team

*Registration must be paid in full up front. Credits will be issued at the end of the 2022 season. Credits are only available against team fees, not against the amount paid for a pool membership.

**Please note that Top Dolphin sponsors have industry exclusivity. If you are planning to try to bring on a donor at that level, please email me in advance to see if the industry is already represented. Similar businesses MAY be sponsors at lower levels, but Top Dolphin is open to one sponsor per industry.