Traditionally, the Boulder Elks Swim Team (BEST) hosts 2-4 events each Summer. Each of those events requires a volunteer workforce that is skilled and trained to do their individual jobs. Together, we make an amazing team that produces an amazing meet and experience for everyone!​

There are a lot of jobs. Most of them are incredibly easy to navigate and perform. What's most important is for the jobs to have a reliable volunteer who shows up and turns on the jets. The good news is that we will teach you all about it! Below are some answers to the most common questions, and a listing of all of the jobs you have an opportunity to volunteer for. And a big Thank You in advance!

How many shifts do I need to sign up for?

Each shift that you volunteer for is worth a certain number of credits, usually 1 or 2. Based upon what team(s) your child/children swim on, that's how your required, volunteer credits are calculated.​

  • If your child/children are only on swim team – 4 volunteer shifts per family.

  • If you have children on both the swim team & pre-team: 4 volunteer shifts = 4 credits per family.

  • If your child/children are only on the pre-team: 2 volunteer shifts = 2 credits, per family.

  • If your child/children are swimming in a special, home relay meet, there will be a volunteer sign up for that event.

How do I sign up to fulfill my volunteer responsibilities?

  • All volunteer job signup is completed online at: www.boulderelksswimteam.org

  • This allows each volunteer to sign up for a specific job on a specific date for a specific shift. 

  • Each job description specifies the number of credits each job is worth.

  • A credit does not equal one hour, it equals the length of time required to work a shift.

  • One shift at a meet is approximately three hours long

  • Even if your child does not swim at meets, you still must volunteer for your shifts to get your required credits.

  • If you have questions or need clarification about any of the volunteer jobs, contact the volunteer coordinator.

Summer season 2021 is an UNUSUAL YEAR



  • Volunteer sign-in at home meets is at the east pool entrance.

  • First shift volunteers must sign in by 7:00 A.M. for a meet starting at 7:30 A.M. and 7:30 A.M. for a meet starting at 8:00 A.M.

  • Second shift volunteers must sign in by event #35, which is around 10:00 A.M.

  • Listen for the starter to announce 2nd shift volunteers.

  • Second shift volunteers must arrive for your shift and check at your job site by event #42.

  • The Meet Coordinator will be available to assist you if you have any questions.

Heating Volunteer  (1 credit per shift)

  • Line up swimmers according to events

  • You will work with a hired guard who knows the heating specifics; your job is to help identify the kids and help the hired person line kids up in event and heating order

  • Move swimmers to the start blocks at the appropriate time

  • Has a sense of organization and structure and procedure

  • Able to stay cool and in control during chaos

Timing Volunteer  (1 credit per shift)

  • Collect event card from swimmer and verify correct name, event, lane, and relay order

  • Operate stopwatch

  • Record time(s) on appropriate pink or blue card and pass it to the runner

  • Usually in full sun during your entire shift

Back-Up Timer  (1 credit per shift) 

  • Starts his/her stopwatch with every start

  • Assists in timing when someone’s watch has malfunctioned during the start

  • May be used in particularly close races

  • Often in full sun during your entire shift

Heat Winner Volunteer  (1 credit per shift)

  • Stands behind timers during shift

  • Hands out Popsicle sticks to heat winners which they can exchange at concessions for an Otterpop.

Runner  (1 credit per shift)

  • Takes event cards from each timer once time is recorded

  • Delivers event cards to the scoring table

  • This is a fast paced job, you are on your feet and moving during your shift

Starter/Announcer  (1 credit per shift)

  • Responsible for running the meet smoothly

  • Starts each race with specific phrases

  • Announces heating for events

  • Announces changes in shifts

  • Must be a very timely individual with a very good sense of meet process

Scoring Volunteer  (1 credit per shift)

  • Need to be able to average 2 swim times (calculators provided)

  • Reads swimmer times from pink and blue cards to the data entry person

  • Enters data from pink and blue cards

Ribbon Volunteer  (1 credit per shift)

  • Set up ribbon writing area according to instructions; tables are set up just outside the east building in designated area

  • Receive printed ribbon labels and pink/blue cards from scorers

  • Stick labels onto corresponding place ribbons

  • Separate event ribbons according to teams (BEST box and Away Team box)

  • Separate pink/blue cards into team boxes

  • File BEST ribbons into individual swimmer files

  • Return all materials to appropriate storage area after the meet

Pink and Blue Volunteer  (1 credit per shift)

  • Arrive at designated location 30 minutes before meet starts

  • Post laminated “pinks” and “blues” signs visibly for Elks swimmers

  • Make sure coaches turn in pink and blue cards before meet

  • Arrange cards in event order (laminated sheet provided)

  • Blue cards for boys’ events

  • Pink cards for girls’ events

  • Hands cards out to swimmers, checking their name, event, age

  • Return laminated sheets to proper folder and store items in designated area in guard room

Concessions Volunteer  (1 credit per shift)

  • Set-up and run concessions, which includes:

  • Organizing donated and purchased food

  • Exchange money for goods and provide correct change

  • Assists with inventory control at end of meet

  • Provide water cooler and cups for timers and monitor for filling

  • Saturday at meet: make sure recycle bins are not overflowing; replace with new recycle liners.

  • Clean up and break down concessions after meet

Wild Card  (1 credit per shift)

  • Check in with Meet Coordinator 30 minutes before the meet starts.

  • Gives cell phone number to coordinator and the coordinator will call at the beginning of the meet letting you know what job you will have for the meet.

  • Must be willing to do all jobs at meet.


Away Meet Team Tent Set-Up Volunteer  (1 credit per shift)

  • Friday night pick up the following from the Elks Pool by 7pm:

    • 6 portable tents (tents are located in the storage shed at the west end of the pool)

    • Large blue tarp to put under tents

    • Elks Banner

  • Set up tents and tarp by 6:45am Saturday morning as tent spots fill up quickly.

Away Meet Team Tent Break-Down Volunteer  (1 credit per shift)

  • After the meet pack up the following and return the items to the Elks Pool:

    • 6 portable tents (put tents in the storage shed at the west end of the pool)

    • Large blue tarp (put in storage shed at the west end of the pool

Pinks and Blues Volunteer  (1 credit per shift) 

  • Arrive at 30 minutes before meet start time to set up at provided table with pink and blue signage

  • Collect pink and blue cards from BEST coaches

  • Set up the cards according to event schedule

  • Hand out pinks to girls and blues to boys (BEST swimmers only)

  • Return signage to folder in guard room after meet.



Speeding Ticket Volunteer  (2 credits per season)

  • After each meet, prepares speeding tickets for one age-group

  • Speeding tickets must be filled out by an adult

  • Gives completed speeding tickets to coach, or files in awards file folders, within one week of receiving report

  • Speeding ticket reports will be sent out after each meet