Swim Meet To-Do List


  • You or your swimmer will talk to their coach about what events they would like to swim in the Saturday meet by Wednesday at 7pm.  Please let the coach know if your swimmer wants to swim in one or both of the relays.  Events are listed on the website under Meet Info - Event Order  and in the BEST Handbook.


  • On Friday you should receive an email with event entries.  Check this list over for your child’s name and double check what events they will be swimming.  They may be slightly different than what your swimmer requested.  Check the relays.  It can be helpful to print this sheet and highlight your swimmer’s events.  


  • If it’s an away meet, print out or bookmark directions to the away pool.  Pool locations are listed on the website under Meet Info - Pool Locations and in the BEST Handbook.  When you get to the away pool look for the Elks tents and set up near the team--this makes it easier for the coaches to find your swimmer if they need them, and it's more fun!


  • Friday night have/help your swimmer pack their swim bag.  It should include: practice suit, team suit, goggles, swim cap, sunblock, and 2-3 towels.  Also helpful is a highlighter to highlight their events on your printed event sheet, and a sharpie for writing event # / heat # / lane # on swimmer’s arm (optional!).  Ample healthy snacks, water.  Warm clothes to put on after early warm up.  Chairs.  Early in the season a sleeping bag and hat can be useful after the early morning warm up.


  • Have a healthy dinner.  Get rest.  


  • Arrive 10 minutes before warm up time Saturday morning.  Get your swimmer set up and have them check in with their coach. You check in with the Meet Volunteer coordinator if you are volunteering that meet.


  • Help your swimmer find where the event numbers are displayed—usually near the heating area.  Listen and look for when your swimmer’s event is called to the heating area.  It is important that they are at heating at the right time for their event.


  • Help your swimmer locate the pinks/blues table, they will pick up their event card there (pink for girls, blue for boys) before their first event and before going to the heating area.  The pink/blue cards contain information about event, heat, lane, and swimmers name, and are what the timers record the time upon.