Big Fish/Little Fish Program

Please sign up HERE by May 17th

Each summer swim season, Elks summer swim program offers the opportunity to partner our older, more seasoned swimmers with our younger and newer swimmers welcoming them to the team.  This is to offer our older swimmers an opportunity to mentor and help lead the younger, less experienced swimmers.  Younger swimmers feel more inclusive as they cheer on their big swimmer and our program is designed to optimize everyone summer swim experience.  This is often called our “Big Fish/Little Fish program”.

Typically, small nominal gifts are exchanged at the beginning of each meet and partners cheer on each other during meets.  Also, a hello, a high five, and/or a pat on the back is exchanged at practices. 

Participation is 100% voluntary and there is no additional cost to sign up.  If your swimmer is interested, it is important that parental support is provided to create a successful outcome.   The program only works if both the Big and Little Swimmer participate equally. 

The expectations are as follows:

Big Fish:

  • Make friends with your little swimmer at the kick off picnic
  • Teach them about the meet events and help them overcome any anxiety about meets
  • Share rules on DQs that they may not know.
  • Cheer your swimmer on
  • Spend some time in between events at meets with words or encouragement or a game of cards
  • Bring a small gift for your swimmer (sports drink, cheering poster, beach ball)
  • Learn and teach your swimmer the Elks Swim Team Cheer
  • Encouragement at practices
  • Big swimmers are typically seasoned 12-year olds and older

Little Fish:

  • Use your big swimmer as support about swim events and DQ rules
  • Cheer for your swimmer.  Consider making a poster for support
  • Bring a small gift for meet support (sports drink, cheering poster, beach ball)
  • Little swimmers are typically newer swimmers and or new to Elks swim club 12 years old or younger

Please note:  We ask those swimmers who know they will be missing more than three meets inclusive of pre-lims to refrain from signing up for this program to ensure participants have a good and balanced experience.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our Team Spirit Coordinators