TEAM T-SHIRTS: A team t-shirt is included with your BEST registration. T-shirts will be available for pickup at the first meet if you didn't pick it up at the team meeting.


BEST SWEATS: Order form for BEST sweats is here; https://goo.gl/forms/MtihnOMOexZ6WFcZ2

All sweats orders are due Friday, May 18, 2018.  We will bring all the clothing orders to the first meet on June 2nd.  


TEAM SUITS: Colorado Swim Shop will order our team suits

Go to:  coloradoswimshop.com

Go to Teams Store

On the tabs across the top hover over TEAMS STORE; a list of teams drops down, go to Elks

Password:  elkS18S (case sensitive)


There are two options for girls suits, a printed one (Speedo Cyclone Strong)  and a black/purple splice (Speedo Launch) with a little more back coverage. Orders need to be in by May 18th to get the suits before the first meet. CO Swim will ship directly to people's houses or they can pick up in the store. People can try on the suits (or at least the same style) anytime in the store.


SWIM CAPS: We will order personalized swim caps again this year.  They need to be ordered as a group, the deadline will be Friday May 18th.  Here is the link to add your info and order: https://goo.gl/forms/jtCTjdtIS5z8IKj63

[Purple and Gold elks logo swim caps without personalization will be available for purchase throughout the season and do not need to be preordered.]


This is a lot of info, so please contact me if you have any questions -

Anne - aknadelson@gmail.com.