Red/White Finale Recap

Ava To
Congratulations to Ava for competing in her first ever swim meet! She competed in 3 events.  She competed in the 50 back, breast , free and did well in all of her events! I can’t wait to watch

Ava compete at more meets in the future!

Justin King
Congratulations also, to Justin for competing at his first official meet. It was a pleasure to watch
Justin race in his events, especially because he’s been working so hard to get all of his strokes

legal. Justin swam a 50 of each stroke and did well in all of them! Good work Justin!

Alyssa Tieman
Coming off of a long softball season, with some time out of the pool, Alyssa competed at her first swim meet back after a few months and killed it! Although she has been out of the pool she

still managed to get some personal best times at the RW. Welcome back lil’ Tieman!

2019 Summer RW Finale Recap (Beach 1)
Our newest competitive group rolled into the RW Finale 7 deep (we missed you, Avalon!).  It was exciting to see so many of the athletes paying attention to the details of their races.  Many even swam races, including the 100 IM, for the first time. Some had not raced in many months, so the progress they have made during that time was evident, with Sola and Helena improving in every single race!  Keep up the excellent work, Beach 1!

Sola Akimoto (9-10 Boys)
50 Free - 9th 38.25 (-5.97)
50 Back - 6th 45.66 (-1.13)
50 Breast - 6th 49.92 (-7.04)
100 IM - 6th 1:40.88 (-10.09)

Zoey Cho (9-10 Girls)
100 Free - 12th 1:33.64 (-3.11)
50 Back - 14th 49.82
50 Fly - 11th 59.17
100 IM - 17th 1:57.19

Annie Coyne (9-10 Girls)
50 Back - 11th 47.65 (-2.36)
100 Breast - 2nd 1:47.47
50 Fly - 7th 53.04
100 IM - 9th 1:39.97 (-12.88)

Helena Morgan (7-8 Girls)
50 Back - 3rd 46.57 (-7.06)
50 Breast - 1st 50.16 (-2.70)
50 Fly - 7th 51.79 (-7.37)
100 IM - 4th 1:45.23 (-1.41)

Adelei Mosteller (7-8 Girls)
100 Free - 2nd 1:27.06
50 Breast - 3rd 54.63 (-2.49)
50 Fly - 4th 46.36
100 IM - 2nd 1:41.07 (-2.82)

Andi Taylor (9-10 Girls)
100 Free - 5th 1:18.32
50 Back - 6th 44.81
50 Breast - 6th 49.25
100 IM - 6th 1:36.85

Holden Taylor (11-12 Boys)
50 Breast - 12th 48.84 (-3.16)
50 Fly - 13th 49.90
100 IM - 11th 1:34.91

5-10 Girls 200 Free Relay - 2nd place
Mosteller, Wical, Coyne, Cho

Beach 2
Youki An
What a great first meet for Youki. She was nervous for weeks leading up to this meet, up when she got there she crushed it! She did everything she needed to do from checking in and out with

coach, and warming up and warming down. A race that stood out to me the most, was Youki’s

50y freestyle. She raced exactly how we planned it and even won her heat! Greta job Youki!

Alexander Cutsail
Although Alex only had 3 events, he showed up and crushed them all! An event that stood out to me the most was his 100y freestyle. He swam that race exactly how we have been working

on in practice. No breaths into and out of the walls, breathing every 3, and sub kickbacks off of

every wall!! Keep up the good work Alex!

Abigail Davies
I really enjoy watching Abby train and race. Whether it’s at practice or meets, Abby always has the competitive spirit which drives her into giving her all in everything she does. Abby’s events

were back to back to back to back this weekend, but she showed resilience and went after it

every race, no matter how fatigued she felt. Great job Abby, keep it up!

Isaac Herrera
Isaac performed really well at this meet. Isaac swam races he has never done before, and did

well in all of them! Now that he has experience in hothouse events, he can come to practice

expecting what to work on towards those events. Keep up the good work Isaac, can’t wait to

watch you race next meet.

Amelia Tucker-

Coming off of a great performance at champs, Amelia was ready to use her champs experience to go out and race every event. And she did just that. Amelia nearly dropped time in all her

events. She continues to show the competitive spirit she holds at every meet. Keep at it Amelia!

Wren Wical
Wren has been working hard towards fixing her technique in all her strokes. The RW meet showed some of that work paying off. She raced all of her events and did well in all of them.

Now, we just need to take what we learned at the swim meet and continue to work hard on the

details that can help us get better and faster. Keep it up Wren.

Beach 3
Evan Brutscher had a great meet, going best times in 3 of his 4 events. He dropped over 6 seconds in his 100 free and almost a full second in his 50 free. He dropped another 3+ in his 50 breast. Great job Evan!

Beach 4
Miki D. was the lone representative of the Beach 4 group at the RW Finale, but she certainly represented her group well, going 4 for 4 to improve in every race!

Mikaela D’Adamo (11-12 Girls)
200 Free - 5th 2:39.84 (-2.43)
100 Back - 13th 1:30.45 (-0.26)
50 Fly - 5th 37.44 (-0.64)
100 IM - 10th 1:26.88 (-1.01)

11-12 Girls 200 Free Relay - 4th place
Tucker, D’Adamo, Davies, Collins

Intro to Senior
The Intro to Senior Group did an awesome job in the 2019 PAC Committee Summer SCY Finale Meet on Saturday. Many of them have not swam in a meet in a year and came out with new and improved times.

McKenna Collins
Mixed-100 Yard Free-1:11.52-Place 12 th -Time Improved -9.39
Mixed-100 Yard Back-1:26.77-Place 8 th
Mixed-100 Yard Fly-1:30.26-Place 7 th
Mixed-50 Free-31.87-Place 7 th –Time Improved -7.99-Receiving a Red Time

Girls 11-12 200 Yard Free Relay-2:17.30-Place 4 th -Time Improved -9.67
Amelia Tucker
Mikaela D’Adamo
Abigail Davies
McKenna Collins

Kai Duchane
Mixed-100 Yard Free-1:17.98-Place 12 th
Mixed-100 Yard Back-1:27.92-Place 7 th
Mixed-50 Yard Free-34.51-Place 12 th

Genevieve Monroe
Mixed-100 Yard Free-1:24.70-Place 16 th
Mixed-100 Yard Breast-1:46.51-Place 11 th
Mixed-100 Yard Back-1:43.65-Place 11 th
Mixed-50 Yard Free-37.18-Place 11 th -Time Improved -1.57

Leah Torrence
Mixed-100 Yard Free-1:20.51-Place 15 th
Mixed-100 Yard Breast-1:39.46-Place 9 th – Time Improved -3.28
Mixed-100 Yard Back-1:35.28-Place 9 th

Jack Tran
Mixed-100 Yard Free-1:07.86-Place 6 th -Time Improved -38.11
Mixed-100 Yard Breast-1:35.37-Place 11 th
Mixed-100 Yard Back-1:30.48-Place 8 th
Mixed-50 Yard Free-29.71-Place 4 th – Time Improved -19.48 -Receiving a Red Time

Boys 13-14 200 Yard Free Relay-2:08.60-Place 2nd –Time Improved -20.35
Alexander Cutsail
Joshua Truong
Sebastiano Bystedt
Jack Tran

Senior 1
Brianna Davis: First time racing the 500 free with a very impressive finish first place as well as dropped an entire second in her 50 free to place 1st once again. Dropped yet another second in her 100 back to place once again first place in her event. A strong 6 second drop in her 200 IM, with a brilliant performance on her turns showing how important walls are in a race.

Megan Charan: drops 4 seconds in her 100 free and swims the 100 fly at a meet for the first time, gaining valuable experience and a noticeable positive outlook on the tough event

Sebastiano Bysted: An incredibly strong performance for Seb this meet, impressively dropping 9 seconds in the 200 free. 2 seconds in the 100 back, 1 second in the 100 breast and giving a go to a relay performance in the 200 free relay.

Joshua Truong: Rushing over from Comic Con in order to race, Josh dropped a second in the 50 backstroke, and 3 seconds in the 100 backstroke (his least favorite stroke and something he has been working on heavily in practice) Nearly 2 seconds in the 100 breast and a killer performance starting off the boys 200 free relay.

Senior 2

Katherine Sootkoos swam in just her second meet for Beach Cities. She had best times in all 4 of her events, two of which she swam for the first time. She dropped 5 seconds in both her 100 fly and 200 IM. Great swimming Katherine.