2020 Spring Sectionals Recap

2020 Spring Sectionals 
This was a good meet, all wrapped up in a bunch of life lessons. We came into this meet bruised and limping a bit having come off of the flu. (now that I am re-reading this a month later, maybe it wasn't the flu) Many kids had been out of the water/school for 5+ days in the couple weeks leading up to the meet.  We did manage to rally and pull out some nice swims in spite of it all.
We had our largest group ever assembled (29 athletes + 4 coaches).  We had our youngest group ever assembled, with an 11 year old, a 12 year old and handful of 14 year olds. It was a great showing for Beach Cities Swimming. We continue to build this dynasty every year.
BCS had many finalists, big relay time drops (with the Girls 4 x 100 Free Relay making a Jr National Cut. We had new Sectional cuts, Futures cuts and Jr. National cuts as well. Special   THANK YOU to   Jeff Yakubik for bringing the tents down to Carlsbad and getting us prime real estate for the weekend.  To   Liz Quayle for taking over the meal duties from the coaches. To   Grant Suelzle for grabbing the canopies for the trip home and grabbing our final food order (that was nuts). Lastly, thank you to my staff (  Ali, Tim H and   Jack) for their great coaching, help with picking up/driving the vans, snack dispensing and hall monitoring.  Nothing is quite as funny as watching coach Jack doing his wind up and stooping down to peek into the peep hole for the lights out drill..... IT DOES TAKE A VILLAGE!
Jamie Brennan - (107 points ) 
Biggest point getter for our team. Jamie had a really solid meet.  She was coming off the winter bug and time out of the water, but still managed some nice time drops
50 Free -  11th place 23.44  drop of -.37
100 Free -   Futures Cut 9th place 50.94  drop of .25
100 Breast - 11th place 1:03.84 drop of .25
200IM - 4th place 2:02.8 drop on the meet of .37
400 MedRel - 26th place 50.68 free leg
400 FrRel -   Junior National Cut 7th place 50.5 free leg
800 FrRel- 9th place 1:51.01
Ryan Brennan - 
Ryan had a great meet taking all things into consideration.  I was especially pleased with his IM drop in a Time Trial. Definitely making his way back into racing form:)
100 Breast - 58th place 59.76
200 Breast - 38th place 2:10.4
200IM - Time Trial first time under 2 minutes with a 1:57
400 MedRel - 36th place 59.3 Breast leg
Roger Brown -   (7 points) 
RoBro had a challenging schedule along with a roommate who snores (like I said, we learned a lot at this meet). Roger had some solid swims and relay performances.  Not the meet he wanted, but not bad coming off of an illness.
100 Back - 24th Place Futures Cut 51.88
50 Free - 86th Place 22.1
100 Free - 113th Place 48.5
200 Back - 58th Place 157.6
200 Free - 97th Place 1:46.0
400 MedRel - 14th Place 51.8 backstroke leg
400  FrRel - 35th Place 48.5
800FrRel - 28th Place 1:45.4
Macie Campbell - (  5 points) 
Macie had the meet of her life. So great to see the hard work paying off. She performed in her personal swims and in relays. She was part of the Girls Junior National Relay Team and nailed some really nice time drops in all of her swims. Keep up the good work Macie!  It will be a fun season.
100 Free - 26th place 52.1 drop of -1.14
200 Free - 43rd place 1:54.1 drop of -.47
500 Free - 50th place 5:06 drop -5.34
800 FrRel - 9th Place 1:55.1
400 MedRel - 7th place   Junior National Cut 52.89 le
Keiko Derikoletis -   (19 points) 
Keiko had a solid meet.  Getting back down to her best times again.  She had great individual swims as well as big contributor on the Relays.  She was also part of the Girls Junior National Relay.  Thank you Keiko for being a leader on this trip.
500 Free - 23rd Place Futures Cut 5:00.86
200 Fly - 22nd Place Futures Cut 2:04.5
100 Fly - 26th Place Futures Cut 55.77
100 Free - 83rd Place 53.3
400 FrRel - 7th Place Junior National Cut 52.6
800 FrRel - 9th Place 1:54.1
400 MedRel - 26th Place 58.0
Brad Diaz - 
Brad had a demanding schedule with some big events.  He had some strong swims and a few bumps. He is learning to navigate the landscape of a big menu. He is beginning to understand what it takes to have more consistent outcomes. Keep it up Bradical!
100 Fly - 124th Place 53.00
200 IM - 130th Place 2:01.4
200 Fly - 44th Place 1:56.08
400 IM -  67th Place 4:15.9
100 Free - 110 Place 48.51
800 FrRel - 28th Place 1:46.88
200 Back - 90th Place 2:02.71
400 MedRel - 36th Place 53.2 Fly Leg
400 FrRel- 21st Place 48.08
Daniel Fuentes - 
Daniel always swims strong and is a great compliment to our relays.  I was mostly impressed with his 200 Free in the Relay.  Great job "D"!
100 Fly - 53.77
100 Free - 49.85
800 FrRel - 28th place 1:48.36 leg
Sean Keegan -   (52 points) 
Sean Had some highs and lows in this meet. Still trying to find the sweet spot on killing a full racing menu. Sean was also coming off the bug and did a great job!
200 Back - 54th Place 1:57.3
100 Free - 23rd Place 47.12
200 IM - 34th Place Futures Cut 1:53.99
400IM - 15th Place Futures Cut 4:03.39 
200 Free - 7th Place Futures Cut 1:41.04 (-1.44)
500 Free - 47th Place 4:43.5
400 MedRel - 14th Place 51.07 Fly Leg
400 FrRel - 21st Place 47.6
800 FrRel - 16th Place 1:46.2
Rayen Lin 
Best meet for Rayen since being in the High Performance Group. He had great individual swims as well as Time Trials. He is just starting to hit his stride.  Can't wait to see what another year brings for him.  Keep it up Rayen!
100 Breast - 90th Place 1:01.2
200 Breast - 35th Place 2:09.7 (-2.25)
200IM - 104th place 1:59.04
400IM - 69th Place 4:16.8 (-2.45)
100 Fly - TT 56 and change (don't have the file) best time!
Ethan Smith - 
Ethan was solid. He came off of being sick as well as extended travel time.  Under the circumstances he did a really good job!
50 Free - 108th Place 22.2
100 Free -146th Place 49.3
400 FrRel - 35th Place 49.6
Sierra Suelzle - 
Sierra, Sierra, Sierra....She and I both a bit boggled by her outcomes at this meet.  One of the hardest workers and super consistent in her training.  This just was not her meet.  It was not bad, just not where we wanted to be and know she can be.  I am looking forward to her next training block and see where that leads us. Sierra
100 Breast - 96th Place 1:09.5
200 Breast - 59th Place 2:27.14
200 IM - 80th Place 2:10.9
400 IM - 54th Place 4:38.6
100 Free - 55.31
400 MedRel - 26th Place 1:09.1 Breast Leg
Sebatian Wagoner - 
Seabass came down for the 500 on Friday (the only day he could compete) and swam a strong race for where he is fitness wise at this time. Great job Seabass.
500 Free - 87th place 4:52.3
Zachary Yakubik -   (78 points) - 
Zack seems to always pull off some good swims and he loves to race. He started our meet off with a big swim in the mile, setting the tone for the meet.  He continued to have some good swims even with a technical debacle by the officials that led to a second prelims swim of the 100 back.
1650 Free - 7th place   Junior National Cut 15:44, monster drop of 29.1 seconds and first time under 16 minutes
500 Free - 13th place Futures Cut 4:33.08 
100 Back - 56th place 53.5 (unfortunate re-swim had to happen on this race after his 500....not ideal)
200 Back - 12th place 1:52.2
200 Free - 16th place 1:42.16 drop of .02
400 MedRel- 53.9 Back lead off
800 FrRel - 1:42.6 lead off
400 FrRel - 49.2
Evan Yoo -   (70 points)
Evan was solid all the way around all weekend.  He too, was coming off of being out of the water for a week, but dropped in a few races and added needed depth to our relays. Can't wait to see everyone race when they are healthy.
100 Fly- 89th Place 52.2
200 IM - 15th Place 1:52.7 drop (-.02)
400 MedRel - 14th Place 57.3 Breast leg
200 Free - 61st Place 1:44.3 (-2.00)
100 Breast -  12th Place Winter Junior National Cut 56.6
200 Breast - 5th Place 2:00.5   Summer Junior National Cut
400 IM -  27th Place   Futures Cut 4:06.6  (-.20)
400 FrRel - 35th Place 48.9
800 FrRel - 16th Place 1:46.1

Senior 5

Williams Criley:

Swam the 200 FR.  Entered the meet seeded 149th; swam a 1:45.80 and moved to 94th place.

Anchored the 400 Medley A Relay, splitting 47.2 (nearly a second faster than his best time!) and helping Beach Cities earn a Futures Cut

Swam the 50 FR.  Entered the meet seeded 99th; swam a 22.09 and moved to 84th place.

Anchored the 800 Free A Relay, splitting 1:44.79 (came into the meet with a 1:46.82!)

Swam the 100 FR.  Entered the meet seeded 92nd; swam a 48.07 and moved to 84th place.

Swam the 2nd leg of the 400 Free A Relay, splitting 47.8 and helping Beach Cities earn a Futures Cut

Kennedy French:

Swam the 200 IM.  Entered the meet seeded 148th; swam a 2:15.24 and moved to127th place

Swam on 3 B Relays, just missing Futures and/or Junior National cuts in all three relays!

Mekaela Kaji:

Swam the 100 FLY.  Entered the meet seeded 172nd; swam a 59.98, moving up to 164th place

Swam the 200 BK.  Entered the meet seeded 92nd; swam a 2:11.98, moving up to 84th place.

Claire Murray:

Swam the 500 FR.  Entered the meet seeded 96th; swam 5:13.48, moving up to 89th place

Swam the 50 FR.  Entered the meet seeded 158th; swam 24.96, moving to 136th place

Also swam on 2 B relays, just missing Futures and/or Jr National cuts 

Sarah Quayle:

Swam the 100 FLY.  Entered the meet seeded 169th; swam 59.94, moving up to 162nd place

Swam the 200 IM.  Entered the meet seeded 149th; swam a 2:13.93, moving up to 114th place

Swam the 50 FR.  Entered the meet seeded 213th; swam a 25.44, moving up to 192nd place

Katie Wrigley:

Swam the 100 FLY.  Entered the meet seeded 204th; swam a 1:02.15, moving up to 195th place

Swam the 200 BR.  Entered the meet seeded 104th; swam a 2:31.59, moving up to 94th place

Senior 4 sent 6 unrested swimmers to Sectionals; mostly for experience in a new level meet and to join their teammates on a fun travel trip. Super proud of how the athletes conducted themselves and put up some really nice relay swims and time trials.

Emery Arnold: Emery had drops in both her individual races (50 and 100 free) and also time trialed the 100 back where she went right on her best time. Emery is doing a good job working on details and putting those into her races. 
Trent Bowles: Trent snagged a relay spot on the 800 free relay after his impressive ISCA swims and managed to drop another second his 200 free going 1:48 and hanging with the big boys.
Lauren Donnelley: Lauren added a bit on her individual events (50/100/200 free) but had come off some best times at ISCA and looks ready for some great swims at JOs. Lauren also split a 1:58 on the 800 free relay right off her best time but put together a great 500 free time trial with a best time of 5:18.
Kylie Hamilton: Kylie added a bit in her 50 free but did swim a best time in her 100 fly time trial and continues to work on details and new events!
Madie Malone: Madie also had some tiny adds in her individual events (50/100/200 free) but swam a best time in a 200 IM time trial going 2:16 and snagging a new Spring JO cut. Madie did put together some great relay swims including a 53.3 anchor leg in the 400 Medley B and a 1:55.2 anchor on the 800 A relay.
Shea Steggell: Shea had some small drops in her individual events (50/100 free) and also swam a 100 breast time trial where she was right on her best time. Shea also continues to work on new things and I'm stoked for her JO swims to see what she has!

Beach 5 

B5 took 3 swimmers down to Sectionals in Carlsbad, Delaney Herr, Mikki Maemura and Victoria Mori. The 3 girls didn’t rest for this meet as our main focus is JO’s, so we used the team trip as a learning experience, but the girls performed admirably in and out of the water.   Delaney, Mikki and Victoria also earned  spots on the  relays, Delaney 400 Medley A Relay and Mikki 400 Free A Relay and Victoria 400 Medley B Relay. Delaney, Mikki and Victoria were our 3 youngest members of the Sectionals team, and I am very proud of how they conducted themselves all weekend.  The only way is up for all three of you! I am very excited to watch all three of them progress in the pool from now to their next Sectionals, keep up the good work Girls!

Delaney Herr –
100 Back Time trial – 59.53 – Time improvement -4.11
400 Medley relay lead off 100 Back – 58.93 – Time improvement -0.6

50 Free – 24.51 – 73rd
100 Free Time Trial – 54.47 – Time Improvement -0.91
200 Back – 2:09.95 – 70th
400 Free Relay lead off – 53.51 – Time Improvement -0.96

Mikki Maemura -
100 Fly- 59.07 – 124th
100 Back Time trial – 1:00.94
400 Medley Relay lead off 100 Back – 1:00.70
800 Free Relay 4th leg – 1:59.04 – 30th
100 Free 53.98 – 124th – Time improvement -1.06
50 Free Time Trial – 25.25 – Time Improvement -0.41
400 Free Relay 4th leg – 53.14 – 7th

Victoria Mori -
100 Fly  58.99 – 120th
200 Im  2:10.44 – 73rd
400 Medley Relay 2nd leg – 1:10.95
100 Breast 1:08.78 – 88th
200 Free 2:00.31 – 150th
200 Breast 2:26.03 – 50th