BCS Food Drive!

Tim Murphy
We are on a mission to "FILL THE TRALER" 
The Trailer I am referring to is "The SwimGuy Trailer" and it measures 10 x 6. Craig has graciously offered it to us for this endeavor.
What endeavor you ask? FOOD DRIVE for those who are in need.  Right now there are plenty that are in need in our local areas.
New Challenge Church in Torrance
Salvation Army Redondo Beach
Food Bank El Segundo
Start today by getting rid of some canned goods and/or non perishable goods you already have. Buy some extra stuff the next time you are at the store, ask others to donate to the cause as well.  It happens to be spring cleaning time (but please no expired goods) or things you wouldn't feed your dog.
We are going to collect these goods on May Day.  Friday May 1st from 3:30-5:30pm.
The drop off location will be:  500 Rindge Lane, Redondo Beach Ca 90278.  
Traffic Pattern: In an effort to help the flow of traffic, as well as give folks a few seconds to say hi, there will be a route.  If you are on Rindge Lane coming from north or south, you will go east on Ripley. You will make the next right on Earl heading south until you hit the dead end and stop sign.  You will make a right and pull right in front of my driveway to drop off your items.  All right turns, gotta love it.
This is a big block where people can line up parade style and drop their goods off to the coaching staff without getting arrested or shamed for gathering;) 
Yes, you will be able to see your coaches, say hi and give a good wave. 6 feet apart and no touching. You may also sneak a few peeks at your teammates as they drop stuff off as well.
We may not be able to swim or hang out, but we do have a roof overhead and food on the table. Some folks can't say that, so lets get to work and help some people out who really need it.
Bring your smiles, big generous hearts and lots of food on May 1st. Below is a list of what is needed.
Cereal for kids and adults
Soup in a cup and/or can
Canned vegetables 
Pinto Beans - dry
Spaghetti Sauce
Any and all types of pasta
Tuna and/chicken in a can
Coffee - Decaf and Regular
Garbage bags
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Cleaning supplies
Cat food 
Dog food