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Las Vegas Super Finals Recap

Tim Murphy

 This was a very anxiously anticipated meet and was a long time in the making. Lots of nerves and anxiety around whether the darn thing would happen or not. As the days grew closer, we were slapped with the "one person per lane penalty" and lost the Torrance lane space, which forced a taper long before we planned or wanted to. Even with all that and a 3.5 month shut down, we walked away with a combined 2857.5 points, earning Second Place Overall. Beach Cities Swimming came into Utah like a winter storm. The host team thanked us several times for our attendance and level of competition we brought to the meet. Kudos everyone!


A special shout out to the kiddos who swam during the Timed Finals session of the meet. These athletes did not have their group coaches there or parents in the facility, yet did a FANTASTIC job conducting themselves. They were on point and operated in such a mature and professional manner, which made our jobs easier. Congrats to all of them and their coaches for the great preparations. Now to the details.


High Performance

For the most part the High Performance group walked away a little down in the mouth, as the expectations were somewhat artificially high (given this is when we would typically peak for a mid season meet). Here's the catch, we keep forgetting that we missed 3.5 months of pool time {Spring into Summer) and I haven't even begun to calculate just how many training hours that were missed since July due to the pool restrictions and limited pool space. Even with all those challenges, we walked away very successful. 66.6% Best times. Even during ordinary circumstances we (coaches) hope for 50% on any given meet and that's considered a positive outcome. We had 3 athletes that had 100% best times and another four that had 80% best times. I think that is incredibly impressive all things considered. Well done High Performance and kudos for being resilient and fighting through!


Roger Brown - Roger had a pretty good meet except for the unfortunate Dairy Queen in the 200 backstroke on opening day. Outside of that, he dropped some good time on his events and in Time Trials. Looking forward to the next racing opportunities in the new year to dust off some more racing cobwebs and hit it out of the park. Nice work RoBro!


200 Back - DQ on the finish.

100 Free - 7th Place 47.08 drop of .42

100 Fly - 9th Place 51.77 drop of .71

TT 100 Back -

TT 100 Fly -


Macie Campbell - Macie had a pretty good meet as well, she definitely got better as the meet went on, wishing for another day for her. She got close to a couple futures cuts, we will get those next time:). Way to go Mac!


100 Back - 17th place 1:01.1 drop of .34

200 Free - 13th place 1:55.8 add of 1.7

50 Free - 6th place 24.57 drop of .4 just shy of a Futures cut

500 Free - 12 place 5:15.8 add of 11

100 Free - 6th place 52.5 drop of .29 just shy of a Futures cut

100 Fly - 4th place 58.49 drop of .06


Williams Criley - Williams had a great meet with 100% best times, with a massive drop in his 200 Free. Coming from polo, he is still learning a ton about swimming, but is doing well along that process. Congrats!


200 Free - 4th place 1:42.77 drop of 3.03

50 Free - 3rd place 21.14 drop of .95

100 Free - 5th place 46.58 drop of 1.13

TT 50 Free - 24.04 drop of .5 just .8 of National Time Standard


Mathew Cullen - Mathew had some great swims as well, with two big drops and some really mature racing. He has come a long way in a short amount of time in this group. Look forward to the next 6 months. Nice work Mathew!


400 IM - 9th place 4:20.20 drop of 3.72

100 Back - 17th place 54.39 add of .42

200 Back - 13th place 1:56.8 drop of 3.72

500 Free - 21st place 4:56.4 drop of 1.10

200IM - 20th place 2:01.69 add of .99

100 Free - 27th place 50.11 drop of .7


Brad Diaz - Braley....100% best times for this young man. (I think because he couldn't wait to get home to his new surfboard). He had a massive drop in 200 Breast and 4IM. He is still figuring out some of these swims, but continuing to do well while doing so. Great job dude!


400IM - 6th Place 4:10.40 drop of 4.36

200 Breast - 20th place 2:17.3 drop of 9.96

200 Fly - 3rd place 1:53.3 drop of 1.70

50 Free - 15th place 22.12 drop of .18

200 IM - 11th place drop of .13

100 Fly - 17th place drop of .04


Daniel Fuentes - Daniel was just starting to get into really good shape before the hours got slammed. He has been training really well and in good form. Though he didn't drop as much time as he wanted to, he did have 80% best times at this meet. Proud of you D!


200 Free - 29th place 1:49.4 add of 2

200 Fly - DQ

50 Free - 25th place 23.05

200 IM - 40th place 2:05.86 drop of 10.6

100 Free - 25th place 49.91 add of .5

100 FLy - 35th place 55.15 add of 1.5


Angel Gonzalez - Angel had an amazing meet 100% best times with some really nice drops in the 100 back and 100 breast. Love seeing that smiling face after your races, well done and way to go Angel!


100 Back - 20th place 55.03 drop of 3.1

200 Free - 20th place 1:48.2 drop of 3.2

200 Fly- 15th place 1:57.8 drop of .61

100 Breast - 20th place 1:00.78 drop of 3.2

200 IM - 14th place 1:59.5 drop of .57

100 Fly - 20th place 53.23 drop of .23


Jamie Brennan - Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. No great explanation on this one, as this kids kills it at swim and in the gym. She did have some break out swims in PHX, which placed her benchmark higher and more difficult to come down from. This swims are not bad swims, but off of what she had set out to do. The forced reduction in time (thus early and long taper) does not bode well for this young lady. There was great effort there and a bunch of finals swims where she scored massive points for her team.


200 Free - 3rd Place 1:48.8 Second time under 1:49

200 Fly - 3rd Place 2:05 3 seconds off her best from PHX.

50 Free - 3rd Place 23.89 Just .4 off of PHX swim.

200 IM - 3rd Place 2:04.1 this is 3 off her lifetime best

100 Free - 3rd Place 51.4 just 1.2 off of her lifetime best


Atom Hashimoto - Atom had a great outing in PHX and so the results here were not as he has wanted. He had a couple nice time drops in 4IM and 100 Breast. He has been training hard and getting some great results.....sometimes those results don't come at the time we want them.


400IM - 15th place 4:21.7 drop of 4.99

200 Fly - 20th place 2:01.3 add of 3

100 Breast - 31st place 1:03 .19 drop of 4.34

100 FLy - 28th place 54.49 add of .46


Claire Murray - Claire had a great meet as well. She had 80% best times. I know she felt she wanted more massive drops, but considering all the variables and surprises it was a great meet. Good job Claire.....looking forward to the next one.


400IM - 12th place 4:41.84 drop of 3.58

200 Free - 27th place 1:57.6 add of 2.2

100 Breast - 13th place 1:11.8 drop of .87

200IM - 13th place 2:11.5 drop of 3.25

100 Free - 17th place 54.63 drop of .87


Sarah Quayle - Sarah had a bit of a challenging meet. Calculate in all the variables aforementioned as well as a move to HP in Oct, and a stroke change. All things considered, I think she did a great job. There is more work to do, and we will figure it out together. Way to keep coming back and swinging for the fences Sarah!


100 Back - 26th place 1:02.77 add of 1.8

200 Free - 47th place 2:05.7 add of 3.1

200 Back - 13th place 2:15.3 drop of 1.35

100 Breast - 22nd place 1:12.8 drop of 1.86

200 IM - 22nd place 2:14.02 drop of 2

100 Fly - 10th place 59.64 add of .09


Ryan Brennan- Ryan Struggled through this meet. Other than the obvious challenges for everyone, I/we are still scratching our heads on this one. Ryan had all finals swims and scored a bunch of points for his team. This kids trains his tail off and does all the right things. So, back to the drawing board and we will re-work this thing until it works. Way to go Ryan, proud of you!


200 Breast - 9th place 2:09. 2.4 off his best

50 Free - 19th Place 22.54 drop of .52

100 Breast - 8th Place 58.6 just .2 off his best

200 IM - 13th place 1:59.3 .5 off his best and second time under 2 min.

100 Free - 26th place 49.5, .5 off his best


Zack Yakubik - Zack had a couple small drops in his swims. He swims those events that require a bit more volume and this last little stretch just did not cut it. He got some valuable racing in, which is always good. He was super close to his best times or on them for races 200 and below and even those could have been slightly faster with sharper details (it's been discussed :) We know what we have to do to be better next time.


100 Back - 8th place 51.7 add of .01

200 Free - 6th place 1:43.02 drop of .05

200 Back - 8th place 1:50.57 add of .5

500 Free - 7th place 4:37.99 add of 10

100 Free - 14th place 48.16 drop of .27


Evan Yoo - Evan had a great meet 80% best times. Huge drop in his 500 (new event he will be working on), had an amazing race in the 100 Breast, pulling out the win off the last wall, from a 35 year old. Way to go Evan!


400IM - First time under 4 minutes but got DQ for single hand touch in breaststroke.

200 Breast - 1st place 2:01.06 add of 1.2

100 Breast - 1st place 54.5 drop of 1.34 and Just 1 second off the National time standard

500 Free - 10th place 4:38 drop of 6.47

200IM - 1st place 1:50 drop of 1.4

100 Fly - 13th place 51.41 drop of .03

200M TT - 2:20 Best time 2 seconds of a Trials cut


Senior 5

I truly appreciate those of you who made the trek east under the challenging circumstances that were placed in front of us.  The meet took place at the brand new (November, 2019!) pool on the campus of Dixie State University, and though the first session every day was REALLY early, we had great swims from every athlete who competed.


Every one of our Senior 5 athletes swam in at least 1 final during the meet, and every Senior 5 athlete earned at least one new best time.


Griffin Colomer earned two finals swims, getting under 1:02 for the first time in the 100 BR.  His 1:01.99 earned him a trip back for finals where he finished 24 th .  He also swam a personal best of 2:06.29 in the 200 FLY, punching his ticket back to finals where he finished 29 th .


Tiara Jackson earned three finals swims and swam one new best time.  She saved that best time for her 100 FLY, dropping over 2 seconds, getting to the wall in 1:05.05.  In the meantime, Tiara finished 18 th  in the 400 IM, 23 rd  in the 200 BK, and 25 th  in the 500 FR.


Austin Morse earned three finals appearances and swam three new best times.  He dropped over 10 seconds in the 200 BK, stopping the clock in 2:04.59.  In finals, Austin moved up two places to finish 27 th , just missing his morning swim with a time of 2:04.85.


Madie Malone earned five finals appearances and swam two best times.  Both times she came back strong in finals, dropping a 2:17.96 for 22 nd  in the 200 FLY, and 1:00.53 for 23 rd  in the 100 FLY.  Madie’s top finish was 13 th  in the 100 FR.


Mikki Maemura also earned five finals appearances and swam four new best times.  She got under 1:00 for the first time in the 100 BK, stopping the clock in 59.90, and just missed getting under 58 in the 100 FLY, hitting the wall in 58.01.  Mikki also earned two Top-10 finishes with those swims, finishing 10 th  and 4 th  respectively.


Sammie Hall had five finals swims and four new best times.  She also earned her FIRST SECTIONAL CUT!  In three of her events, Sammie swam even faster in finals.  She earned 9 th  place in the 200 FLY, stopping the clock in 2:11.63, she finished 14 th  in the 200 IM with a 2:12.73, and she finished 13 th  in the 100 FLY with a 59.01, punching her ticket to the aforementioned sectionals.


Lauren Donnelly came back for six finals during the meet while earning one new best time.  Her best finishes came in the 100 FR and 500 FR where she earned 23 rd  place.  Her best time came in the 100 BK where she dropped nearly a second and a half, getting her hand on the wall in 1:03.80


Trent Bowles also came back in six different events; and in those events, he was faster in finals four times!  He earned 23 rd  in the 100 BK with a 54.54, then dropped under 2:20 in the 200 BR for the first time with a 2:17.94.  He also went under 2:02 in the 200 IM, getting to the wall in 2:01.92.


Mia Crisera was very busy with SEVEN finals appearances.  She dipped under 54 in the 100 FR for the first time, going 53.99; she dropped nearly four seconds in the 200 BK with a 7 th  place 2:09.54, and she went faster both times in the 50 FR, finishing 19 th  with a 25.26.


Bella Brito - swam six events and swam in finals in five.  She earned 11 best times, swimming faster in finals every time while not finishing lower than 7 th .  She earned a new Futures cut in the 100 FR, finishing 3 rd  with a time of 51.71.  She finished 3 rd  in the 200 IM with a Futures qualifying 2:05.16.  She won the 100 BR in 1:03.42, just missing a Junior National cut.  She also won the 200 BR in 2:17.65, and earned her first JUNIOR NATIONAL CUT!


As you can see, we had an incredible meet.  As I look at the challenges this squad faced… from limited practice time, to inconsistent training, to a last minute DRASTIC cut in training… We were outstanding.



Senior 4

Senior 4 had 8 swimmers compete at the Las Vegas Super Finals. Overall I was happy to see a lot of what we've been working on (sub kicks, clean breakouts, fast walls, etc) be executed here. With our minimal training we were less concerned with times and more concerned with getting back to racing and having fun.

Emery Arnold - Emery swam some new events and had a nice drop in her 400 IM and made it back to finals to drop another 5 seconds going 5:05. Emery also had a drop in her 200 IM and swam the 200 fly for the first time! Emery snagged some finals swims in the 400 IM, 200 fly, 200 IM and 100 free.
Max Colomer - Max has been crushing it at practice and it paid off in his sprint events. Max had a 1 second drop in his 50 free, a small drop in his 100 free and a big 4 second drop in his 200 IM. With a packed schedule each day Max was a bit tired for his last events but the effort was great and things are coming together for him.
James Coyne - James started the weekend with a 200 fly where he dropped almost 10 seconds going 2:06 and making finals. James also had a fun 500 prelim swim where he dropped 4 seconds to go 5:04. He managed to drop a bit more time at finals and move up a few slots finishing 26th. James also swam two long course time trials going under 1:00 for the first time in the 100 free going 59.3 and another big drop in the 50 free going 27.09.
Catalina Kahan - Catalina held her own for some really great swims. Starting off with her 200 back she dropped 8 seconds and snagged a second swim going 2:19. Catalina also had a nice 500 free with a 7 second drop going 5:51. Catalina also had a small drop in her 200 IM going 2:22 and a drop in the 100 free going 58.8. 
Giulia Paganelli - Giulia started the weekend off with a small drop in her 100 back going 1:08 and then another small drop in the 200 free going 2:10. The rest of the weekend Giulia was pretty tired after coming off her quarantine but did a great job executing race plans, working on the details and racing! She was right at her or near her best times for almost everything else.
Lucas Sorensen - Lucas had a drop in every event including an impressive 5 second drop in the 200 fly going 2:09 and a 19 second drop in the 500 going 5:19. On Sunday Lucas put together a great 200 IM with a 10 second drop going 2:10 as well as an impressive 100 free drop going 52.2.

Shea Steggell - Shea was coming off an injury and managed some great swims despite that. She started the weekend with a 5 second drop in her 200 back as well as managing to make finals in the 50 free and 100 breast. On Sunday Shea had a small drop in her 100 free going under 55 for the first time with a 54.95 and finishing 19th. Shea also swam on Monday where she was right on her best time in the 50.


Senior 3
Leading up to the meet the Senior 3 swimmers has been working really hard with Coach Jack and Coach Jerico! They put in the work and paid attention to every detail! Although we had obstacles thrown at us, they still managed to stay patient, persistent and kept working hard leading up to the meet!

Farah Bowles! What a meet! Farah has been working tremendously hard at practice and it showed at this swim meet! Farah dropped in ALL her events! With her 200 Breast being her best swim, Dropping 10 Seconds in that event! Way to go Farah keep up the good work!

Riley had a great performance at this meet! Going 5 out of 6 best times in all her events! Riley has been working hard and it paid off! I enjoyed watching Riley's 100 breast the most as she dropped time and earned herself a second swim in the 100 breast at finals! Way to go Sheets!

This was Jodi's first swim meet with BCS! Being back in the pool for only a short amount of time, Jodi put up a good performance! She managed to drop time in some of her events and was right on her best on the rest! She’s been working hard and I'm super excited to see her perform at future meets! Keep it up Jodi!

Fred Brown! Fred has been working extremely hard recently! He’s had a great attitude towards the work he’s been putting in! Fred had an awesome meet and an even greater 500 free! I'm excited to see what he does in this event in the future! Keep up the good work Fred!

Dealing with injuries at practice, Alex still came to the meet and performed! He was right on his best times in some of the events and had great drops in others! I enjoyed watching (virtually) Alex race his 100 free going a lifetime best of 53.33!

Nic had a solid meet! Nic swam 6 events and dropped in 4 of them! He has been working on his freestyle technique more at practice and it showed this meet, as he dropped in all his freestyle events! Keep up the work Nic!

Leading up to the meet Ethan has been working really hard! Ethan also went 4 of 6 best times at the swim meet! I enjoyed watching his 200 free where he dropped 4 seconds and put it under 2 minutes for the first time! I'm excited to see you crush that event even more in the future!

Pierce had a great meet! He swam his heart out and performed his best! He dropped a gnarly 12 seconds in his 200 free and another 5 seconds in his 100 free! Way to go Pierce, keep it up!

Rounding out the field for senior 3 is Mr. Anderson Bennett!
What a meet for this guy! Dropped in almost every event except for 1 ( which he was only a second off his best time)! Anderson had numerous great swims! One that stood out the most was his 500 free where he dropped 6 seconds and put it under 6 mins for the first time! Great meet Anderson!

Beach 5
Beach 5 sent 3 Swimmers to Utah on the weekend of Dec 18th, and boy oh boy did they show up and race!
Although I wasn’t able to be there in person, I was still able to catch their races on the livestream, which was very exciting and gave me a different view of their races!
The 3 swimmers that raced over the weekend were Kotaro Bell, Isaac Chang and Kaela Hashimoto! This was their first swim meet in 10 months, and all three of them had 100% best times, the hard work in the training pool paid off!
Proud coach is an understatement, all three of you represented Beach Cities and Beach 5 exceedingly well and you ended the year on a bang!
Can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for you!

Kotaro Bell  – Points 159 
200 Free – 2:01.88 – Place 3 rd
  – Time improvement -6.21 
50 Back – 29.42 – Place 2 nd
  – Time improvement -2.20 
100 Fly – 1:01.17 – Place 2 nd
  – Time improvement -3.00
50 Free – 25.34 – Place 6 th
  – Time improvement -1.55
200 IM – 2:13.70 – Place 2 nd
  – Time improvement -8.70 
100 Back – 1:01.99 – Place 2 nd
  – Time improvement -7.73
100 Free – 53.77 – Place 2 nd
  – Time improvement -5.42 
50 Fly – 27.21 – Place 1 st
  – Time improvement -1.76 

Isaac Chang  – Points 163.5 
200 Free – 2:03.03 – Place 4 th
  – Time improvement -5.12
100 Breast – 1:08.91 – Place 1 st
  – Time improvement -7.94 
100 Fly – 1:00.56 – Place 1 st
  - Time improvement -0.97 
50 Free – 24.95 – Place 2 nd
  - Time improvement -2.03 
200 IM – 2:16.02 – Place 4 th
  – Time improvement -9.17
100 Back – 1:06.78 – Place 5 th
  – Time improvement -3.03
100 Free – 54.65 – Place 4 th
  Time improvement -1.33
50 Fly – 27.35 – Place 2 nd
  - Time improvement -0.38 

Kaela Hashimoto  – 128 
200 Free – 2:11.52 – Place 5 th
  - Time improvement -6.77
100 Breast – 1:18.05 – Place 7 th
  - Time improvement -0.63
100 Fly – 1:09.38 – Place 5 th
  - Time improvement -0.09 
50 Free – 28.27 – Place 11 th
  - Time improvement -0.80 
200 IM – 2:27.16 – Place 6 th
  - Time improvement -3.09 
100 Back – 1:08.83 – Place 6 th
  - Time improvement -5.48 
100 Free – 1:01.09 – Place 10 th
  - Time improvement -3.57 
50 Fly – 30.19 – Place 7 th
  - Time improvement -0.57

Beach 4
Bella Tieman was the only representative for Beach 4.  She achieved three best times and was right on her previous bests in all her other events.  Great job Bella!

100 Breast- 13th 1:24.66 (-0.65)

50 Free- 15th 29.35

100 IM- 12th 1:14.73

200 IM- 20th 2:43.53 (-0.38)

100 Back- 15th 1:16.00

50 Breast- 14th 39.55

100 Free- 18th 1:05.57 (-0.82)


Beach 3
10 months.  43 weeks.  300 days.  That’s about how long it had been since Eryn Arnold , Gabi Brito and Meagan Gordon had set foot on a pool deck for a sanctioned competition.  You would have never guessed it!  These three young ladies came to RACE at the Las Vegas Super Finals in Saint George, Utah.  Thanks to a livestream of the event, I was able to follow most of the action from home and I couldn’t have been prouder of the effort put forth by all three.  Feedback from the coaches on deck was equally positive, to boot.  They were focused, they were prepared and they carried themselves in a very professional manner all weekend.  Hard to believe that these athletes are only 10-11 years old!  Lots of best times to report.  Check out their amazing results below!

Eryn Arnold (12&Un Girls)
200 Free - 14th 2:19.44 (-3.85)
100 Breast - 10th 1:20.43 (-7.17)
100 Fly - 11th 1:13.63 (-2.77)
50 Free - 13th 28.98 (-1.58)
200 IM - 15th 2:34.31 (-4.04)
50 Breast - 7th 36.70 (-0.95)
100 Free - 15th 1:03.37 (-3.48)
50 Fly - 17th 31.86 (-1.54)

Gabi Brito (12&Un Girls)
200 Free - 11th 2:14.93
100 Breast - 6th 1:17.78
100 Fly - 6th 1:09.94
50 Free - 7th 27.83
200 IM - 10th 2:29.48 (-2.74)
100 Back - 8th 1:09.33 (-1.00)
100 Free - 11th 1:01.29
50 Fly - 8th 30.23

Meagan Gordon (12&Un Girls)
200 Free - 16th 2:20.40 (-4.70)
100 Breast - 11th 1:21.54
100 Fly - 4th 1:07.99 (-0.58)
100 IM - 4th 1:08.70 (-1.03)
200 IM - 19th 2:38.21
100 Back - 10th 1:11.07 (-5.37)
50 Breast - 8th 37.06 (-0.66)
50 Fly - 2nd 28.83 (-1.50)

Beach 2
had one representative at this swim meet! Annie Coyne! Annie has been working tremendously hard leading up to this meet. She swam two events (50 breast, 100 free) and dropped in both! I Enjoyed virtually watching her 100 free, where she dropped a whole 10 seconds in! Really good job Annie Coyne! Keep up the good work!