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2021 Winter Sectionals Recap

Tim Murphy

2021 Winter Sectionals Recap
Senior 4
Senior 4 sent two swimmers to their first ever Sectionals. The group’s focus was WAG so we attended Sectionals for the experience of swimming at the next level meet while on about day 10 of taper but both Peyton and Farah did a great job at the meet. They enjoyed the team dinner and gift exchange and still raced well, just off their best times.


Farah Bowles
Farah nabbed her first Sectional hard cut at WAG in the 200 breast then chose the 100 breast as her bonus event. Farah swam a bit off her times from the previous weekend but still did a great job of racing and adjusting her breaststroke stroke count into the walls to nail the turn.

100 Breast - 55th 1:09.31

200 Breast - 50th 2:28.40

Peyton Kuo
Peyton had grabbed his first Sectional cut back in the September in the 200 fly then grabbed his second hard cut last weekend at WAG in the 50 free. He also opted for the 100 fly as a bonus event. He was near his best times all weekend, racing against the older boys and continuing to refine race strategies. Peyton also learned to navigate Time Trials at a National Level meet and came back Sunday, the final day to throw down an amazing 100 free in his TT.

100 Fly - 76th 53.58

200 Fly - 62nd 2:01.69

50 Free - 83rd 22.39

200 IM TT - 2:00.99

100 Free TT - 49.04 (-1.03) First time under 50!

Senior 5
Senior 5 athletes continued their journeys with a stop at the Sectional meet at Golden West College.  


Emery Arnold worked hard to hold her taper from the week before and was able to be right at her season bests in the 100 FR (55.51) and 100 FLY (1:01.67)

Kyle Capili had an excellent meet last weekend where he added two new sectional cuts.  In his first ever Sectional meet, Kyle was right at best times despite having just made those times a week earlier.

Jack O’Shaughnessy was also at his first ever Section meet and announced himself with a flourish, finishing 24th in the 100 BK with a new best time of 52.67 and 18th in the 200 BK with a new best time of 1:55.10.

All three athletes will go back to work, then join with their other Sectional qualifying teammates for the Spring Sectional meet in Carlsbad, CA.

High Performance
The High Performance group came into this meet a bit tired and overwhelmed with WAG and Finals for school as their appetizers (along with a few early winter colds). First real break they have gotten from the training and a few "typical" things happen: 1) the backing off allows them to drop their guard a bit and a few will got sick. 2) they get the taper blues creating some aches and pains 3) The anticipation of the holidays and some time off, is always a distraction. All said and done, we had some really nice swims for December. I am proud of this group!

Trent Bowles
Trent had a ramp up into this meet with the 200 Back on Sunday being his best swim. Came into this meet after having made a group adjustment and also trying to figure out what is wanted. He is doing a great job making changes, but with that comes the necessity for patience.

100 - Back - 53.90 for a .98 add

200 Back - 1:56.03 for a 2 sec drop

200 IM - 2:00.57 add of 1.9

Bella Brito
Bella was coming off a successful Juniors to swim some events she needed to dust off, and good thing she did. She went under 1:50 for the first time and had another nice drop in her 200 Back from the TSM meet.

200 Free - 1:49.70 drop of 4.79

200 Back - 2:05.83 drop of 2.25

Tyler Campbell
Tyler coming into his first Sectional meet (right after his first WAG meet) since joining a swim team, not just BCS....yes his first swim team. He has been a champ learning how to swim non water polo freestyle and has found a new love in Breaststroke. We are all working to help Tyler figure his way into this new world. He is doing a great job and has the best attitude in doing so!

50 Free - 22.64

200 Free - 1:50.07

100 Breast - 1:01.31

Mia Crisera
Mia came into this meet off of a big Soccer match and played another one during the meet. The fact that she had any legs for the 2back is a miracle. She had a strong showing across the board. I am dying to see what we can do in March.....

500 Free - 5:11.1 drop of 1.78

100 Free - 54.19 add of .5

100Back - 58.8 drop of .20

200 Back - 2:07.56 drop of .43

Delaney Herr
Delaney had a strong meet. We are both working on figuring out the amount of rest she needs to swim lights out. She had some best times and a couple off swims. She looked better as each day went by. Few more days for her next time :)

100 Fly - 56.5 drop of .5

100 Back - 59.08 add .17

200 Back - 2:10.28 add of 2.6

200 Free - 1:57.9 drop of .74

50 Free - 24.02 drop of .53

100 Free - 53.8

Mikki Maemura
Mikki had some strong swims as well. Staying in the game “head wise” will change some of these outcomes. She got some 2nd swims and when she uses her weapon, (subkicks) she is deadly. Keep it up.

100 Fly - 56.2 drop of .26

200 Fly - 2:09.71 drop of .15

100 Free - 52.99 add of .26

200 Free - 1:54.8 add of .09

50 Free - 24.89 add of .29

100 Back - 58.77 drop of .03

Sammie Hall
Sammie swam a marathon over the course of WAG and Sectionals and grabbed two new Futures Cuts along the way. Swimming all best times except for her IM, which we will work on :)

50 Free - 25.2 drop of .4

200 IM 2:13.2 Add of 2

100 Fly - 56.61 drop of .99 FUTURES CUT

200 Fly - 2:05.48 drop of 2.42 FUTURES CUT

Rayen Lin
Rayen had a great meet given how much time he has had to dedicate to the pool. Those college apps were killer. He had a great meet despite it all. Way to go Rayen!

100 Breast - 59.5 drop of .83

200 Breast - 2:12.5 add of .71

200 IM 1:59.01 add of .25

Madie Malone
Madie had a very nice swim meet. She swam her races the way she said she wanted to and the results were best times in those swims. If we can get her to breathe more in the beginning of those longer swims, the outcome will be pretty dramatic. Super solid meet across the board. Well done!

50 Free - 24.1 drop of .42

100 Free - 52.01 drop of .52

100 Fly - 58.79 drop of .23

200 Free - 1:53.02 drop of .5

500 Free - 5:12.6 drop of .94