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Pacific Committee Finale Recap (July 30, 2022)

Tim Murphy

Last weekend Beach Cities took 42 of our age group athletes to Short Course Finale, and they came to race! The enrergy thoughout the day was impeccable and the racing was even better. Added bonus were the relays, it’s always a great time when we see our age group athletes compete with their teammates in relays. The power of a relay swim is real and last Saturday did not disappoint! Congratulations swimmers your coaches are proud of you and you should all be proud of yourselves!

Marlin A

Marlin A had an incredible meet at the SCY Pacific Committe Championship meet. A lot of swimmers proved they are ready for competitive swimming. 

Colin Ionescu-Macri

This was a great swim meet for Colin as he dropped time in all 4 of his individual events and both of his relays. Way to go Colin, your going to be a great competitive swimmer.

Landon Schleicher

Pac Champs Finale was Landon’s first swim meet and he did a great job in all 4 of his events. We hope to see Landon at all of our swim meets. 

Derek Song

Derek was back in action at his second meet and he really demonstrated how much he has learned. Congratulations on all the best time Derek.

Maxwell Goldstein

It was great to see Max do so well at his first swim meet. We cant wait to see him keep growing to a competitive level. Keep up the hard work Max.

Hudson Wolfe

Hudson really impressed at the Pac Champs Finale showing everyone he is a well rounded swimmer who is ready to race!

Theo Haubner

Theo hit the ground running, having just returned from a 6 week break. He dropped time in all of his events and got 1st place in his 100 I.M. Great job Theo.

Nina Haubner

Nina also returned from a 6 week and she also had a 1st place finish in the 50 Backstroke. Great work Nina.

Keni Visistsri

Keni really impressed at this swimming showing everyone she is ready for competitive swimming. She also had an impressive swim in the 50 Butterfly. Way to go Keni. 

Brynn Danner

Brynn really stepped up this meet swimming in 4 individual events and 2 relays. She had many best times and some great relay swims.

Marlin B  did great this weekend. Each of these athletes swam their best & we look forward to what they will be doing next season. Good Luck all 4 of you in Beach 1!

Bridget Sullivan  did a wonderful job this weekend. She dropped 3.48 seconds in her 50 Free and was a part of the dynamic 200 Yard Medley Relay that dropped 11.67 seconds.

Emma Hulburt  showed up to all her events on time and raced very well. She’s in the dynamic group that helped the 200 Yard Medley Relay drop 11.67 seconds.

Darei Robertson  was a trooper this weekend, swimming his best even though he was still recovering from a minor injury. He swam his best and helped the Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay drop 14.81 second.

Jameson Boddy  is another great swimmer who swam well this weekend. She dropped 17.98 in her 100 Fly, which is no easy task.


Intro to Senior Athletes  showed up to this meet & did very week. Good Luck to the both of you in Senior 1!

Tyler Chan  swam very well this weekend. Thank you for stepping in to be a part of the Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay & helping the group drop 11.36 seconds. He also dropped 1.19 second in the 100 Yard Freestyle, which he has been working on in practice.

Coco Guiga  had some wonderful swims this weekend with great improvements. She dropped 4.86 second in the 100 Yard Backstroke & dropped 3.63 seconds in the 100 Yard Freestyle.

Beach 1
Isabella Antunes  (9-10 Girls)
Miss Antunes raced three events for the first time, placing 7th in the 50 Fly, 8th in the 50 Back and 3rd in the 100 IM.  She also placed 8th in the 100 Free with some great effort on her breakouts (speed before air!) and led off the 2nd place 200 Free Relay.  Having turned 9 only recently, she has almost two more years in the age group.  Looking forward to watching her develop and grow into a great human and athlete!  Congratulations on a great finish to the season, Isabella!

Tara Biggs  (11-12 Girls)
Miss Biggs is one of the most improved athletes in the Beach 1 group and she will be graduating to the Beach 4 group this fall.  She made huge leaps in the 100 Free (-14.3) and 100 IM (-7.0) and raced the 50 Fly and 50 Back for the first time (SCY).  She also held down the anchor leg on the 7th place 200 Free Relay to conclude a great day of racing.  Keep working, Tara…can’t wait to see what you do next season!

Sean Everitt  (9-10 Boys)
Mr. Everitt saw some jaw dropping improvement over the last year in his 50 Fly (-30.9) and 100 IM (-37.1), finishing 7th and 3rd in those events, respectively.  He also posted best times in the 100 Free (-1.92) and 50 Back (-0.39) to go 4 for 4 with 100% best times at this meet.  Way to go, Sean!

Vinh Huynh  (11-12 Boys)
Although his meet started with a DQ in the Medley Relay, Mr. Huynh quickly rebounded with a massive 10.5 second improvement in the 100 Free, followed by a 2.2 second improvement in the 50 Back and a 1.7 improvement in the 100 IM.  He finished in the top 10 in three of his individual events (50 Back, 50 Breast, 100 IM) and contributed to the 3rd place 200 Free Relay.  Way to rebound and finish strong, Vinh!

Adam Kim  (11-12 Boys)
Mr. Kim is taking his strong work ethic to Beach 4 this fall and he had a solid Finale, starting with a nearly 4 second drop in the 100 Free, followed by a top 10 finish in the 50 Fly and a 4th place finish in the 100 IM (-5.0).  Unfortunately, his 50 Back resulted in a DQ on the turn (he knew it :-), but he capped off his day of racing with a very solid split of 34.0 on the 3rd place 200 Free Relay.  Kudos to a great season, Adam!

Jameson Mui  (11-12 Boys)
Mr. Mui was Mr. Sprint, racing each of the four 50s for the first time in a Short Course setting.  He finished no lower than 5th place in each of his individual races, with very strong showings in each of the four strokes: Fly 35.4, Back 37.9, Breast 43.0, Free 31.6.  He even threw down a sub 30 split on the end of the 4th place 200 Free Relay!  Phenomenal progress was made by this young man during the summer.  Happy to see your hard work pay dividends, Jameson!

Lillian Reynolds  (11-12 Girls)
Miss Reynolds raced three events for the first time in a Short Course setting (100 Free, 50 Free, 100 IM) and smashed her previous best in the 50 Back by about 11 seconds!  Her finale at the Finale was a strong split as a member of the 7th place 200 Free Relay.  Looking forward to watching you flourish in the Beach 2 group, Lillian!

Juju Tymick  (11-12 Girls)
Miss Tymick raced at the Finale as an exhibition athlete, as she had qualified for the Pacific Committee Championships, but an illness kept her from racing that weekend.  She posted 100% best times at the Finale, cutting 7.2 off her best 100 Free, 1.6 off her best 50 Back and 5.7 off her 100 IM.  She is headed to the Beach 2 group in the fall.  Great to see you shake off those nerves and do some really fast swimming, Juju!

Greg Willis  (11-12 Boys)
Mr. Willis kicked off his meet with a strong Breast split (50.5) on the 3rd place 200 Medley Relay and a huge swim in the 100 Free (-10.8), followed by a 2.6 second improvement in the 50 Back.  Unfortunately, he made a mental error with a flip turn from Back to Breast in the 100 IM, which cost him a time, but he topped off the day with a solid split of 37.5 on the 4th place 200 Free Relay.  With some dedicated work, he will no doubt see some more big improvement in the Beach 4 group in the fall!  Congrats, Greg!

Harlow Yerke  (11-12 Girls)
This was Miss Yerke’s first official Short Course meet and she did not disappoint, finishing as high as 13th in the 50 Back (41.7) and dropping a very respectable 1:21 in the 100 Free, plus a 52.7 in the 50 Breast.  Her only blemish was a DQ in the 100 IM, but she bounced right back to post a 38.5 split on the 7th place 200 Free Relay.  She is off to Beach 2 in the fall, where she will continue to work smart and climb the ranks in the 11-12 age group.  Well done, Harlow!

Beach 2
Beach 2 took 5 athletes to short course finale, and they made sure to end our summer season on a bang! In total the Beach 2 athletes walked away with 12 new best times and total of 130.5 individual points! Way to go kids, I have been very impressed with you all this season and I’m excited to watch you all race again this upcoming short course season. You should all be proud of yourselves, I know I’m proud of you!

Juliana Antunes – 11-12 Girls

This was Juliana’s first meet in a long time and she came prepared and ready to swim fast! Juliana walked away with 3 out of 4 best times, and her biggest time drop came in the 100 IM, where she dropped 6.09 seconds. Her 100 Free wasn’t far behind where she dropped 5.65 seconds. Great work this past weekend Juliana, I’m excited for short course season!

Avery Ehrmann – 11-12 Girls

Avery started off the meet a little rocky, with an unfortunate dq in the 100 Fr, your feet must touch the wall after your flip turn! Avery didn’t let that bring her down as her next 3 races were all best times, way to bounce back Avery! Her best race of the day though was her last, the 100 IM! Avery Dropped 3.32 seconds to close out the meet. Avery it was great to watch you race, and I’m excited to see what you can do this upcoming short course season!

Jon Kipp – 11- 12 Boys

This was also Jon’s first meet in a while, and it was great to see him in action! He was right on his best times throughout the day but he walked away with a new best time in his 50 back. However his big swims came in the relays! Unfortunately our 11-12 boys A Medley relay was Dq’d but that didn’t damper their moods. They came back with a vengeance for a 3 rd  place finish in the 200 Fr relay, where John was anchor leg, splitting a best time! Jon Next season is going to be your season, let’s have some fun and lets race at the meets!

Hudson Menke – 11-12 Boys

Hudson swam lights out at Short Course Finale, he walked away with 4 new best times and 4 top six finishes! Hudson it was a pleasure to watch you race one more time, and I’m excited to see what you can do in Beach 3 this upcoming season! Keep up the hard work and I hope to see you in Beach 5 in not too distant future!

Kyle Vo – 11 -12 Boys

Kyle had one thing on his mind at short course finale, and that was racing and racing hard! He was 4 for 4 in best times, and all of his drops were 5+ seconds, his biggest of the day was in the 100 IM where he dropped a staggering 13 seconds! Kyle, you showed me that you love to race, I can’t wait for our first meet after the break, great things are on the horizon!

Beach 3
Mazie Adams  (11-12 Girls)
Miss Adams raced at the Finale as an exhibition athlete.  She had qualified for the Pacific Committee Championships, but an illness kept her from racing that weekend. She had some big swims at the Finale, cutting more than 6 seconds off her best 200 Free, more than 2 seconds in her 100 Fly and more than 3 seconds in her 100 Free.  Her 200 IM would have been a best time by about 4 seconds, but unfortunately she started her Backstroke flip turn a bit early :-).  Mazie is off to Beach 5 in the fall, where she is ready to work her tail off as a newly minted teenager.  Onward and upward, Mazie!

Beach 4
The Pacific Finale meet saw lots of fast swimming for the Beach 4 cohort of 6 athletes.  The group achieved 22 best times, including some lead off splits.  Every swimmer had at least two best times at the meet.  There were six new USA Swimming National time standards met: 3 from Tristan Hickmon and 3 from Sheenah Mahindra.  Way to close out the season Beach 4!

Larissa Fernandez  started her meet off splitting a best time leading off the 200 Medley Relay, comprised of her group-mates.  She followed that up with two more individual best times, and closed out her season by leading off in a best time again, this time in the 50 freestyle on the 200 Freestyle Relay.  Larissa’s biggest time drop was her lead-off 50 backstroke, dropping over three seconds.  She helped the team score points individually (3 points) and helped both relays place in the top-10.

Tristan Hickmon  started the session by splitting a best time in her 50 fly leg of the 200 Medley Relay.  She continued that streak and ended up with four more best times, individually.  Tristan’s biggest time drop came in the 100 IM, where she dropped over nine seconds.  She was the second highest scoring member of Beach 4 with 46 points!.  An unfortunate goggle snafu kept her from leading off the last relay in another best time, but she was still able to help both relays place 4th.

Sheenah Mahindra  was also a member of the 4th place 200 Medley Relay with her group-mates, also splitting a best time in her breaststroke leg.  It would have been a best time by over four seconds.  Sheenah also followed up with another four best times, dropping over seven seconds in both her 100 IM and 50 fly.  She was the highest scoring member of Beach 4 with 49 points!  She was also a part of the 200 Freestyle relay that placed 4th, splitting what would have been a best time had she not already gone faster in her individual counterpart.

Alexandra Nimick  was the final member of the all Beach 4 200 Medley Relay that placed 4th, splitting a best time while anchoring the relay.  She had a breakout meet, finally adjusting her technique which allowed her to achieve four individual best times.  Her biggest time drop came in the 50 fly, where she dropped over five seconds!  Alexandra helped the team by scoring 11 individual points.  She then finished out her season going third on the 200 Freestyle Relay that placed 4th.

Joseph Scallon  also had a breakout meet, dropping over 50 seconds across three individual events and swimming an event for the first time!  His previous best times are all less than a year old, yet he was able to drop over 20 seconds in both his 100 breaststroke and 200 IM.  Joseph also split a best time on his fly leg of the 4th place 200 Medley Relay.  He scored six points individually.  And Joseph closed out his season leading off the 200 Freestyle relay, dropping over three seconds, and helping the team place 5th.

Mayank Shenoy  had a great meet considering he spent the past month out of the country and just got back this week.  The fatigue showed a little as the session progressed.  He started out the meet splitting a best time on the breaststroke leg of the 200 Medley relay, which placed 4th.  He achieved best times in his first two individual races, but then seemed to tire out on the last two.  However, he bounced back in the final relay, splitting a best time for his 50 free leg.

Senior 1
Senior 1 had a great showing at the season finale at Occidental College.

They had several best times, and there were some first time swims as well.


Luke Banfield swam three events at the Summer Finale

50 BK - 41.09, a best time by over a second

100 FLY - 1:40.95, a best time by over 12 seconds!

100 FR - 1:20.58


Lucas Hott  

100 FLY - 1:31.15, a best time by over 12 seconds!

100 BK - 1:28.36, a best time by 2 seconds

100 FR - 1:10.99, a best time by over a second


Ganessa Martinez

100 BK - 1:43.65, her first ever 100 BK!

100 BR - 1:43.04, her first ever 100 BR!

100 FR - 1:26.57, her first ever 100 FR!


An excellent way to wrap up the season for Senior 1!