Welcome to Beach Cities Swimming


 1. Q: What is the plan moving forward? A: We know that the schools are closed for the remainder of the school year. We have yet to hear what this means for the pools but will let you know when we know.

 2. Q: Are we getting refunded or prorated? A: We are not refunding or prorating as we are offering the best service we can during this challenging time.  We will move Competitive billing to monthly through the current season, please reach out to billing at [email protected] if you are experiencing a hardship and would like your account placed on hold.

 3.  Q: Why are we continuing to pay our coaching staff? A: We are continuing to pay our coaching staff to ensure our swimmers have a team to return to when our pools reopen. As many of you know, unemployment is only a percentage of an individual's regular salary. Our coaches would most likely be forced to relocate out of the LA area if forced on unemployment.  In addition to the workouts that most of us cant do half of, the coaches have done a fantastic job taking on the list of tasks that never gets done like cleaning up our website, reviewing policy and planning the next season. 

4. Q: How much of my dues goes to coaches salaries or this program? A: The dues go into our Wells Fargo account and at the present time, we are using all funds to pay our coaches as long as we can through this crisis (with the drop in income based on those that don’t have the ability to pay).  The 3 point plan is described in the Finance section above.

5. Q: Why would we pay for this zoom stuff, it is not swimming, we want swimming?  A: Yes, WE WANT SWIMMING TOO! The stay at home order did not exclude Beach Cities Swimming.  We, like so many organizations are all trying to navigate from home.  We understand this situation is FAR from ideal and understand all families will need to make their own decision.

6. Q: Other teams are doing XYZ, how come we don’t implement those ideas?  A: Coach Monique is on calls several times per week with many teams in So Cal as well as across the county.  She has also discussed the desperate need with Southern California Swimming and USA Swimming.

7. Q: We know that you may have other questions. Please click the following links for even more information: 

BCS COVID Exposure and Positive Test Procedures

COVID-19 Symptoms

Wear a Facemask

How to Safely Wear and Remove a Facemask

How to Stop the Spread of Germs

What to do if you are Sick

Where to get Tested

Quarantine vs Isolation


We know that this can be a stressful time. For more information on mental health resources, please click the following link:  MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES  


Please know we are considering all ideas of how to stretch our dollars as far as they can go. The Board of Directors understands that there may be more questions.  If you have additional questions please reach out to any board member and they will do their best to respond within 24 hours. We will keep the list of FAQs for members to access on our website under the Team INFO Tab.

We are in this together and together we rise.