Coaches will advise new members regarding needed equiment. 

Swim ware and equipment can be purchased from anywhere, here is one specialty store in Calgary
(Members of Calary Barracuda Swim club get a discount):
Team Aquatic Outlet
Phillips Park Mall
D7, 6115 3rd Street SE
Calgary AB T2H 2L2



Our Brand and Apparel Manager, will post details of what you can buy and how.


Swim Caps, including special caps for girls with long/big hair, will be provided to registered members at no cost (within reason).


Once of twice a season, the Brand Manager will arrange for an on-line Apparel store to be open for a period of a week or two, where you can buy girls swim suites and boys' jammers, t-shirts, hoodies and bags - all with our logo, and some with your name printed on them. 

Orders must be placed in short span, as they are all fullfiled at once once we close the store and usually the entire club's order ships to one person, and a Volunteer parent will distribute the goods.