Please refrain from sending general inquiries to the below addresses for matters which can be addressed through the website in their designated areas. For Example, do not email registrar asking if you can register without first checking the registration page and following the information presented there.

Starting in July 2020 we have on-line registration - and this is the most efficient way for you to register your children with  us. 


Name, Position, email Board

Rei Kissinger, Coach
Marissa Taylor, Coach

Cassi Wright, Jr. Coach
Richard Kuperis, Jr. Coach

Krista Thompson,
Past Head Coach

  The Club is currently looking for minimum of 2 coaches for the 2020-21 season. Pls visit "jobs" page for more information.

Melissa Huff
[email protected]

Yes Contact for withdrawals and non routing registration issues

Svetlana Bogduik
Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]

 Yes Ensure this address is added to your email application, so important communicatins do not end up in you junk folder

Anthony Nguyen (Aug 2020 on)
[email protected]

Yes  Last Treasure (before Aug 2020): Naomi Manuel 

Irina Kuperis
[email protected]


Laura Wright
Brand & Apparel


Social Director



Gail Ruzika: social director from September 2019  to  September 28, 2020. 
VACANT and requires filling - please contact any current board member if interested.



Dawn Ross was Club Secretary effective July 2019 to June-2020.

The position of Secretary is currently VACANT and requires filling - please contact [email protected] if interested.

On-Deck Meet Manager


For 2020-21 season we are looking for 2 people for role of On-Deck Meet Manager - please contact [email protected] if interested.
Due to COVID this role will be quite different in 2020-21 season.

Past incumbent: Pierre Champness for 2019-2020 season. 

Ellen Chabrova
IT/IS Meet Manager


For 2020-21 season we are looking for 1 additional person to work with Ellen as IT/IS Meet Manager - please contact [email protected] if interested.

[email protected]   Historical Account - this belonged to the Club and was in use to Sept, 2020. 
Please do NOT use this address, - it may not be actively monitored.