Our new website is here


We are proud to announce that our new website is live thouhg is NOT completed. Calgary Barracuda Swim Club has partnered with TeamUnify to bring to our Member Families a superior experience and convenience.  
In the coming months and through the 2020-21 season Board Members and other volunteers in the Club will working to learn the system and how to leverage it. 

Expect that the following processes and interactions with the club will change:

  1. Registration process and confirmation
  2. your maintainance of family contact information, including cell numbers for text messages
  3. How you register your swimmers for Attendance at the swim meets, and declar which events they chose to participate in
  4. Calls for volunteers for the swim meets that we host
  5. Notifcations of plast minute ractice cancellations by text

This is a great investment of both money and time into this new technology.  It will take some extra work in the short term. But the goal is that in the long run, we reduce work load on Coaches (e.g. Swim meet declation processing), and on board members (registration, web site maintenance, communications to members), while delivering better experience for the member families.