Our Mission

 Our Club is a great place to learn and improve stroke technique, to have regular physical exercise, improve phisical ability, make friends, and have fun.  We are a club that is not too demanding on our young members's time, allowing them to participate in other sports, arts, recreational and extra-curricular activities.

We are NOT a Learn-to-Swim Club, all applicants must be able to hold themselves in the water, swim 25 m un-aided and whithout any floatation devices. There is no requirement around stroke or technique, but every swimmer must be able to move themselves the full length of the pool un-aided.

About Us


Calgary Barracuda Swim Club is a community, non-profit orgnazation registered under the Societies Act of Alberta.

We are a Recreational Competitive Club. That is: We swim for recreation and we compete with like-minded clubs in Calgary area (Glenmore Seals and Calgary Keikos to name a few).

Our season runs from begining of September to end of April.

Our mailing address:  
Glenmore Landing RPO,
Box 72147
Calgary, AB T2V 5H9