Calgary Barracuda Swim club is dedicated to providing a quality recreational program at a reasonable cost. 
We are proud to say that we do not conduct Fundraising Events that are draining on families' time resources, or financial resources as may be the case when familes are asked to provide items for silent auctions, etc..

We also save families time and admin tasks as we only collect two payments per season: one before the start in September and one ahead of January. That is, all swim meets - wether hosted by our club or to which our cub is invited - are included in your season's fee. 

Each new Member will be provided with club branded swim cap to wear at swim meets at no additional costs, and returning members can get a replacement for free if needed. We do not ask that families buy branded swim suites or bags, but they are available at extra cost.  The sale of these items is at cost to the club, and we do not make any commission on these. Visit Apparel page for more information.

Making Payments

One payment for the registration fee + September to December Fee, and
One payment  for January to April fee.

We have trnsitioned to recieve payments by e-transer (email money). We can still accept cheques - make arrangements with treasurer if needed.


Calgary Barracuda Swim Club
Glenmore Landing RPO,

Box 72147
Calgary, AB T2V 5H9

Please, combine all amounts due on the same day, for the entire familiy into a single payment, and give a note in MEMO section.

It is CIRITICAL you write your kids Last & First names in MEMO. 

2021-2022 Season Fees

The fees will be set based on estimated cost of the season (Budget). The cost of the season largely depends on:
* cost of pool (lane per hour) ,which this year has gone up 16%
* number of practices (this season's schedule calls for 92, 18% increase compared to 78 last year)
* coach2Swimmer ratios and coach pay
Budget will be set and fees determined prior to registration opening in July: you can expect an increase in fees.

2020-2021 Season Fees

As this season effectively ended in November, we did not collect the 2nd payment, and we had refunded $90/swimmer for the 1st half of the season.

This season, for the first time, we are offering a discount to returning members. $30 discount will be applied to the 2nd payment. 
We also recognize that our last season was cut short, with pool clopsures starting in mid March due to COVID-19. So swimmers that will be returning for the coming season will also recieve an additional discount of $85.

SUBJECT TO POOLS OPENING for SEPTEMBER 2020, the fees will be as follows:

Payment Due Returning Members Siblings of Current Families New Famlies

August 1st, 2020

Reg. fee: 
Sep to Dec fee:
Discount (COVID)
This payment total:


 - $85.00





November 15, 2020

Jan to April Fee:




Total for the Season per swimmer: $485 $600 $600