The Club operates solely through volunteer work of its members and families (Coaching is the only exception to this rule).

We hold a number of athletic events through-out the season, for which a large number of people is needed. Volunteer Coordinator will request people for all positions a couple of weeks before the event. The Volunteer Coordinator reserves the right to assign people to positions of their choice or any other position required to be filled.

No prior experience is required, and unlike competitive clubs, we do not require that volunteers complete any on-line training or any certifications.

We are serious about racing and competing, but not so serious as others. All Swim Meet positions are here for your download:  Job Descriptions    – please familiarize yourself before the day of the event.

Volunteer commitment hours can be completed by parents, adults in the household, or even older siblings.  

Volunteer commitment is fulfilled via one of 3 ways:
1) holding a position on the board of directors

2) Holding one of the non-board season-long positions (i.e. OnDeck Meet Manager, or IT/IS meet Manager)


3) Being on-call for meets and events and completing minimum required number of hours.

Swim meets count for 5 hours, distance swims 1 or 2 hrs, club championships for 2hrs. We hold 2 swim meets and 2 distance swims per year. Club Championships are held over 2 days, 2 hours each. Please check the schedule at the beginning of the season and plan ahead. Families who do not fulfil their volunteer commitment will not be given priority to re-register for next season. 

The club may in any year chose to collect volunteer bond (either as refundable amount, or as a post dated cheque for end of the season). Please note that the Volunteer Bond can not be used to buy your way out of volunteering. In practice, the type of work/labour required can not be hired from out side, and certainly not for the amount of the volunteer bond.

Please email [email protected]  if you are interested in board or season-long position, or have special skills/interests (e.g. Photography, website development, etc..) We have people in these roles, but in order to keep workload reasonable and to ensure coverage for all events.

Volunteer Bond amount is $250 per family. And is collected at the discretion of the board.