Return to Swim Plan  - September 2020

Calgary Barracuda Swim Club is a community non-profit organization and is not affiliated with governing bodies such as Swim Alberta. As such the Club will follow the direction of Alberta Health Services and of the SETON facility with regards to COVID protocols.  The Club is also instituting own/additional procedures aimed at minimizing the risk of infection. While the Club is commited to health and wellbeing of our swimmers, coaches and their families, we also balance any preventive measures with the need to deliver a sports program to our members.  Ultimatly, the Club can not make any guarantees that any swimmer or coach will NOT be infected, and we remind coaches and parents that participation with Calgary Barracuda Swim Club is solely at their discretion and own risk.

This 2020-21 season, each Swimmer will have to:

1.  Complete a One-time SETON waiver: complete this waiver process ahead of your 1st visit to save time upon your first re-entry

2. At each visit to SETON, complete a digital HEALTH Check:

3. Wear a face covering while inside SETON building, including change rooms (as required by CIty of Calgary Bylaw), unless performing a phisical activity ( e.g. on pool deck and in water). 

4. Bring own water bottle if needed, as the water fountains will be closed. Bottle fillers will be in place. 

5. Come with the bathing suite UNDER their clothing.

6. Meet their cohort & coach at a designated check in area in the main lobby exactly 15 min prior to practice. (Coach will fill in Contact Tracing logs - we do it with OnDeck mobile app which is an extension of our TeamUnify System; coaches present this list to Reception/Guest services)
The group/cohort must go through Guest Services and enter the secure area TOGETHER, no late admissions will be allowed. 

7.  Keep 2 meters away from others not in their cohort while in change rooms and must wear masks. Part of the change rooms will be designated for use by rental groups like our Swim Club as denoted by signage. Belongings must be stored in lockers - no bags on pool deck.

7. Swimmers must use the showers prior to entering the pool

8. Swimmers are not to remain on deck after their practice ends 

Parents are not permitted in SETON facility unless child is under the age of 8. 

YMCA Calgary is not allowing spectators in traditional seating areas in the Aquatic Centre. - This was changed effective 13-Oct-2020. Effective Oct-13-2020 at SETON, one spectator per participant is allowed in the bleachers (not in the hallways). 

Please review requirements and guidance provided by SETON here:  YMCA CALGARY (SETON) Pool Rental Guidelines.pdf  and SETON FAQ.pdf

The below is created by Calgary Barracuda Swim Club based on guidance provided by AB Government here:


Minimizing the risk of transmission  

The club only conducts in-water training, and does NOT conduct dry-land training, be it indoors or outdoors. 
Our training can not be conducted in a distanced manner. 

1. Deciding to come to Practice

There is no penalty for missing practice and if an athlete, or any member of their family does not feel well, they should stay at home.

All families should complete a “fit for swimming” questionnair for each family member in close contact with the child(ren) that swim with the Club, and should NOT come to practice, if any of the the family members:

  • experiencing or showing symptoms such as cough, sneezing, fever, sore throat, runny nose,  or difficulty breathing
  • feeling under the weather with tiredness and weakness
  • had traveled outside Canada less than 14 days prior

2. Duty to inform 

Familie shall advise the Club (the Board) if their swimmer or anyone in their swimmer's core or extended cohort has been diagnosed with Covid-19. Information should be sent to [email protected] and the Head Coach. 
When receiving such information, The Club shall consider the issues, may review attendance records for pertinent time-frame, determine what, if any, communication to coaches and membership regarding potential exposure, and follow AB Health guidelines.

3. Distancing Measures

Parents are encouraged to drop off/pick up their children outside and limit own entry to the facility.
Swimmers should not be dropped off to early and should exit the building/seton promptly after practice end. Swimmers should arrive at the facility already in their bathing suit in order to limit the use of changerooms.

Swimmers in adjacent lanes are NOT considered to be distanced 2m (6ft). We are advised by seton that there will be an empty lane beside our lanes separating us from other facility users. Parents are to advise their swimmers that this empty lane is NOT there for their use and play, and coaches shall enforce this rule as well.

Swimmers in the Early Hour form one cohort, and swimmers in Late hour form 2nd cohort. Coaches shall develop a procedure for 1st hour swimmers to exit and 2nd hour swimmers to start practice in such a way that the 2 cohorts do not mix either in the water or on pool deck. Coaches shall advise the parents of this procedure so parents can re-inforce with swimmers. 

Parents are NOT to come on deck and are encouraged to communicate with Coaches by phone/email/etc.. rather than in person.

3. Screening for Symptoms & Rapid Response

If in the coach's opinion, a swimmer or another coach:

  1. Is exhibiting symptoms, or
  2. Had returned from travel outside the country less than 14 days prior,

The coach shall ask the individual to exit the practice and return home immediately, and make note accordingly on the attendance sheet. If a swimmer is young, and parents need to be contacted, the coaches shall direct the swimmer to wait in a suitable location away from other club members and/or other facility patrons. The coache's direscretion is complete and final.

4. Roster & Swim Groups organization

The club operates in 2 shifts: 1st hour for younger swimmers and 2nd hour for older more experienced swimmers. Capacity is 40 swimmers per hour. Historically, some families had swimmers in both the early and the late hour. 
To reduce the number of people to whom the core cohorts of our member families are exposed, in the 2020-21 season, siblings or members of the same household will swim in the SAME HOUR. 

5. Contact Tracing

Coaches shall take attendance at every practice, keep swimmer attendance records by lane, and provide the records to the board after every practice (e.g a photo taken with a phone showing complete table, original to stay with coaches for next practice) .
To reduce data processing and facilitate clarity and speed should review of these records be necessary, attendance shall be marked on a single sheet organized as a table: with names top-to-bottom (grouped in a manner convenient for the coaches), and dates across.

Parents need to be aware that these records may  be disclosed to AB Health if/when requested. 

6. (Swim) equipment

Coaches shall limit, if not eliminate, the use  of  equipment belonging to Seton (e.g floaty boards, dumbbells, noodles, etc.).

Swimmers shall NOT share their personal equipment (goggles, swim caps, floaties, fins, etc..) with any other swimmers. 

The coaches shall not share  handheld equipment such as stopwatches, clipboards, white board markers, etc. with other coaches or swimmers.

7. Protocol violations

Parents are expected to reinforce with their swimmers the rules established by government, by Seton and by our club. Those swimmers who disregard the rules will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including terminiation of their membership in the Club.




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