Mike Gautreau
"Founder and Head Coach"

"Focusing on what is best for kids,
makes decision making simple."



Glendora Unified School District, School Board Member
First elected 2005. Re-elected to a 2nd term in 2009. Re-elected to a 3rd term in 2013.

Mike Gautreau is a Southern California native. He graduated from West Covina High School , attended the University of California at San Diego and Cal Poly Pomona where he earned a Bachelors of Science degree and Teaching Credential. He has since earned a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership and an Administrative Services Credential.

Covina and West Covina High School, Principal
Mike formerly served as the Principal of West Covina High School. Before his position at WCHS, he served as Principal of Covina High School and, prior to that, was  the Assistant Principal of Bonita High School in La Verne. His teaching career included 11 years at Sandburg Middle School , as well as part-time assignments at Citrus College and Mt. San Antonio College.  6/2010 Mike left WCHS to focus more time and energy toward building CAA.

California Football Officials Association, Instructional Chairman
For the past 30 years he has officiated high school and college football, and is the past Instructional Chairman for the California Football Officials Association where he oversaw the instructional program for 3,000 football officials in the western United States.


Covina Aquatics Association, Founder / Head Coach
Established 6/2009 Highly achieved both personally and professionally, Mike has made the pure choice to return to "Coaching" swimmers.  Made possible by the encouragement and support of the Gautreau family- and the many swimmers, families and friends who believe in him- he re founded Covina Aquatics Association in 2009. Mike brings forward his knowledge, skills and responsible family values to build an ethically correct program aimed at developing the complete individual. The program's design promotes hope, confidence and philosophies; building valuable character and life tools.

An abbreviated bio on Mike's coaching background:

Mike Gautreau coached swimming for 19 years at the club, high school and community college level before retiring in 1996 after the birth of his oldest daughter (as he also had a full time teaching position) to spend more time with his family. Now that both of his daughters swim competitively, and due to a lifelong love affair with the sport of swimming, Mike has resumed coaching and has revived the Covina Aquatics.

Mike was the head coach of the Covina Aquatics in 1983 when they merged with the Walnut Valley Aquatics to form a new club: the Gemini Aquatics (currently named the Brea Aquatics). Mike was the first head coach of Gemini until 1987 when he left to become coach of the Industry Hills Aquatics, where he remained until his retirement from coaching in 1996.

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During his career, Mike also was the head coach of the Citrus College swim team, the Edgewood High School swim team, and he coached at West Covina High School where he later went on to serve as principal of the school.

Beside renewing his coaching career, Mike is past principal of Covina and West Covina High Schools, is a current School Board Member in the Glendora Unified School District, a current football official and the past Instructional Chairman for the California Football Officials Association, and has served on various CIF committees

'Locked and Loaded'

During his first “stint” as a swim coach, Mike’s swimmers achieved the following:

*23          Southern California Swimming Records.

*250        National Top 16 Rankings. 

*27         National #1 Rankings.

*126      "Final" Industry Hills Aquatics Team Records.

*186        Junior National Finals (scoring) swims.

*7            Junior National Records.

*32          Senior National Finals (scoring) swims.

*50          Individual Junior National Qualifiers.

*32          Individual Senior National Qualifiers.

Largo al factotum della città

Mike’s teams achieved the following:

*1988 Junior National Team Champion (1st place team).

*6-time Junior National 2nd Place Team.

*3-time Junior National 3rd Place Team.

*5-time Senior National Top-40 Place Team.

*1994 California State Team Champion (1st place: the only year a full State Championship was held).

*1988 Southern California Junior Olympic

Team Champion (1st place team).

Gemini Aquatics 1983-84

Gemini Aquatics 1984-85

Industry Hills Aquatics National Team 1988

Industry Hills Aquatics 1987-1988

Industry Hills Aquatics National Team 1992

Industry Hills Aquatics National Team 1994

Anthony Vela, Jason Chichetelli, Daizo Mitsuoka