USA SWIMMING Athlete membership is required for all athletes.

USA SWIMMING  Non-Athlete membership is required for all non-athletes, coaches, chaperones and parents who have direct access to athletes

Background Check, Athlete Protection Training, MAAPP Agreement, Concussion Training, CPR and STSC Required

USA SWIMMING OUTREACH membership available to low income families. Federal School Lunch Award letter required for proof of eligibility

USA SWIMMING FLEX membership allows athletes to try competitive swimming and participate in a maximum of 2 competitions per year

USA SWIMMING SEASONAL membership is a reduced cost membership for athletes joining in the middle of the year or after April 1st. Membership expires August 31st.

CLUB/TEAM TRANSFER form must be completed by the athlete and mailed into Southern California Swimming along with $10 payment to transfer teams. The swimmer will swim Unattached for 120 days

Application Related Forms