Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser Results

Sherry Mueller (Alan Michael DiBello)

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Swim-A-Thon event.  We had 3 objectives (1) Raise $30,000 to help cover the costs associated with running a championship level competitive swim team,  (2)  Take team and individual pictures, and (3) Have fun.  We didn’t quite make the first objective, but we did have fun and got some pictures.

The Swim-A-Thon fundraiser raised a total of $13,426.32

  • Donations:  $12,238.85
  • Pancake Breakfast:  $469.21 ($572.50 less expenses $103.29)
  • Raffles: $527.26
  • Merchandise: $91.00
  • Snow Cones: $100.00

The GOLD group raised $3,723.00, followed closely by Platinum ($3, 613), then Silver ($3,217) and Bronze ($2.240).

Prize Winners

  • 1st Place Donations – Private Lesson with Coach Marni = (Anonymous Swimmer)
  • 2nd Place Donations – Private Lesson with Coach Mo = Ayaan Chudasama
  • 3rd Place Donations – Private Lesson with Coach Scott = Michael DiBello
  • 4th Place Donations – Private Lesson with Coach Tovar = Alan DiBello
  • 5th Place Donations – Private Lesson with Coach Becky = Damian Serna Arbow

USA Swimming Swim-a-Thon Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirt

  • Anonymous Swimmer
  • Ayaan Chudasama

USA Swimming Swim-a-Thon Polar Water Bottle

  • Michael DiBello
  • Alan DiBello
  • Damian Serna Arbow
  • Joshua Jenkins

USA Swimming Swim-a-Thon Red and black Sunglasses!

  • Christopher Haygood
  • Makayla Hatzfeld
  • Yik Ning Xu
  • Aeden Crain

Our Fundraisers

Our most heartfelt thanks go to the swimmers and their families who asked family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to support them and their team:

Ayaan Chudasama, Michael DiBello, Alan DiBello, Damian Serna Arbow, Joshua Jenkins, Christopher Haygood, Yik Ning Xu, Makayla Hatzfeld, Aeden Crain, Jun Yi Sun, Sophia Pearson, Dominic Lee, Alessandro Hernandez, Skyler Shibata, Serenity Shibata, Chloe Hong, Victoria Villarreal, Sofia Salas, Ethan Lopez, Ella Ibay, Sean Khan, Nailyn Lopez, Nohely Lopez, Lily Torres, Yuta Ioriya, Luke Pedroche, Zekiah Serrano, Daulton Lista, Sean Chen, Mayumi Pedroche, Teagan O'Dell, Lucas Chiang, Isabella Le, Samantha Lee, Emma Strand, Nathan Lee, Knox Strand, Aidan Martin, Kieran Martin, Colin Martin, Connor Gregory, Jesie Castaneda, Nikki Tse, Joshuah Jauregui, Donor TUMoney, Kai Anolin, Kate Fassbinder, Kevin Yang, and Blake Shen.

Our Lap Swim Winners

Each of our “Age-Group” lap winners received a gift card.  Our ‘endurance’ winners are:

  • Platinum/Female/11-12: Sammy Cummins (176);
  • Platinum/Female/13-14: Maddie Wheeler (261);
  • Platinum/Female/15 & Over: Nailyn Lopez (123);
  • Platinum/Male/13-14: Luke Pedroche (212)
  • Platinum/Male/15&Over:  Garrett Dykier & Beaver Haygood (240);
  • Gold/Female/11-12: Kate Fassbinder (220);
  • Gold/Female/13-14: Nikki Tse (190);
  • Gold/Male/7-10: Alan DiBello (105);
  • Gold/Male/13-14: Yimo Zou (223);
  • Silver/Female/7-10: Lily Torres (115);
  • Silver/Female/11-12: Jaida Torres (95);
  • Silver/Male/5-8: Ayaan Chudasama (131);
  • Silver/Male/7-10: Tristan Noel Flores (176);
  • Silver/Male/11-12: Darian Farahanchi (128);
  • Silver/Male/13-14: Connor Gregory (165);
  • Bronze Elite/Female/7-10: Coco Hong (94);
  • Bronze Elite/Male/7-10: Neil Xu (58);
  • Bronze Elite/Male/11-12: Don Wong (106);
  • Bronze/Female/5-8: Serenity Shibata (50);
  • Bronze/Male/5-8: Mason Zhu (48);
  • Bronze/Male/7-10: Skyler Shibata (50);
  • Bronze/Male/11-12: Colin Martin (45).

Pancake Breakfast

Talk about being able to  deal with adversity and overcome obstacles.  My admiration and respect go to Tuan (Amy) Dinh, pancake breakfast co-ordinator, and her helpers:  Katy (Marisa & Warren) Huang, Lisa (Daulton) Lista, Shawn Gregory, and Lingling (Yimo) Che.  They setup, dealt with a cooker that wouldn’t cook the eggs fast enough, and had to search all over the deck for electrical outlets that worked and wouldn’t trip the breakers to deliver a delicious pancake breakfast.  Well done.

Raffle Baskets

Some people have all the crafty, artistic talent.  Did you see those remarkable, creative raffle baskets Andrea (Vincent) Frausto and Angie (Kai) Anolin put together?  The Money Tree, Movie Night, Date Night, Menu ($$$$ worth of gift cards); Athletic (Swim) Gear, Starbucks/Target.  Thanks to all our families who donated items for the baskets.


Melly (Joshuah Jauregui) Rameriz, Games Coordinator, and her helpers Hongwei (Sophia Grace) Liu, Gunawan (Braydon) Andrianto, Lichao (Aaron) Li, created some fun, homemade, arcade games for our swimmers to enjoy between lap swims.  All games were free and winners got to pick a prize from the Shark Treasure Chest.  Plus winners were entered into a gift card raffle.  The most popular game was their version of Nerf Forte Night!


Melony (Keira) Lorenzana, Rachelle (Ethan) Lopez, and Stacy (Maddie) Wheeler sold team merchandise. Our ‘old’ team shirts were great deals as we are cleaning out the inventory.  We also have new Shark decals.

Ducky Dive

350 rubber ducks were thrown into the pool by our parents.  Then it was a mad dash (swim) to race for one of the 5 ducks with a star.  Star ducky’s won their choice of a cute stuffed shark.  Everyone got to keep their favorite 3 ducks.


LifeTouch Sports, the school photographers, took team and group pictures as well as individual pictures.  Group pictures can still be ordered by calling 1-800-244-4373 and asking for the Chino Hills Aquatics group.  Groups are: 

  • All Team
  • JO Team
  • Platinum Group
  • Gold Group
  • Silver Group
  • Bronze Group


Our most sincere thanks to all the parents who donated items and pitched in to help make this a memorable day.

Next Year’s Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser

We are planning our next Swim-A-Thon fundraiser for some time around May 2020.  Team pictures will be taken on a practice night.  The Swim-A-Thon lap swims and fun event will be on the following Saturday.

Let’s make the next Swim-A-Thon bigger and better!


More photos: