It's Raining... It's Pouring

Sherry Mueller

And the old coach is snoring. Went to bed, bumped her head, and had to get to the pool in the morning!  Winter is on the way, rain is (hopefully) coming, and the weather is getting cooler.  I always get calls from parents asking, 'are we swimming?'.  So I throught I'd share what I tell them with all our truly dedicated parents.

Yes, We train year round, hot or cold, rain or shine: 

Rain:  Yes, we train when it rains.  We have the swimmers put their bags in the locker room areas.  They get wet in the water.  It's our coaches (and parents) that have a problem staying somewhat dry.

Cold:  The water is kept heated to 80-82 degrees.  The swimmers stay nice and warm in the water.  When they get out their body heat will keep them warm long enough to dry off and put on their parkas.  The coaches are bundled up.

Lightening:  At the first sign of a lightening strike we immediately have the swimmers get out of the water.  We wait a full 20-30 minutes after the lightening strike before we allow swimmers back in the water.  If lightening persists or a lightening storm of any duration is forecast practice will be cancelled.  Parents will be notified via remind.

Note:  Being cold does NOT cause kids to catch cold.  And, because of all the chlorine and chemicals, swimming is a whole lot safer than going to school where gerns are readily passed from child to door knobs to child.