*** PATCHES Program ***

Dec 27, 2018

Parents, please pass this on to your swimmers.

Hey Swimmers;

USA Swimming (the Olympic Organization) has an Age Group Motivational Time Standards program that ranks EVERY swimmer nationally according to their fastest times by age, stroke and distance, much like our local Southern California Swimming (SCS) Blue, Red, White time standards.  The rankings are as follows;  (Note, the SCS relationship comments are for reference only and do not necessarily apply to every level or time standard).

  • Less than ‘B’ (like white)
  • ‘B’  (close to red times)
  • ‘BB’ (close to red times)
  • ‘A’  (close to blue times)
  • ‘AA” (close to blue, WAG, JAG, and JO times)
  • ‘AAA’ (close to JO and Far Western championship times)
  • ‘AAAA’ (close to Western Zone championship times)

So, how fast are you?  How do you measure up nationally?  Want to share your accomplishments with others? Want to inspire your teammates and even your competition and fierce rivals? Great!  I knew that would motivate you!  Start collecting the patches as a swimmers badge of honor! 

Have you ever been to a championship meet and seen those swimmers with patches on their parkas?  Well, now your team is making those USA Swimming Motivational patches available for you to purchase at $1.25 each but you have to earn them first.  Here’s how.

During or after the swim meet check your time against the USA Swimming Age Group Motivational times standards.  If you made the cut for a new patch, jump up and down, scream and shout, whoop and holler, then let us know.  Send an email or text (or hand a note) to your coach or directly to (Team Grandma) Sherry at iambestgma@gmail.com or 626-524-5020.  Include your name, the meet, the event, and the patch you earned.  If you set a new team record the team will reward you with the ‘Record Holder’ patch and pin and Team Grandma will do her ‘happy dance’.

Parents… acknowledging your swimmers accomplishments openly keeps them motivated and gives them incentives to hit their target times.  

Notes:  Only one patch is given per level and stroke.  For example, you only receive one ‘B’ patch for Freestyle, one ‘B’ for Back, and so on.   Patches can be sewn or glued on to parkas or attached to your back pack using a carabiner (also available for $4.25).

Meet results, team records, top times, time standards, and more will be consolidated on the web site under a new tab called ‘Athletes Corner’ coming soon.  Everything you wanted to know about your times and the time standards will be there.  So check often.

The team goal is for every swimmer to get those “Quad AAAA” patches.  What’s your goal? 


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