Platinum Swimmer & Parent Agreements


  • That all Platinum Swimmers, (each and every one), finish this year:
  • Having met all the qualifications and requirements to be in the Platinum Group
  • Satisfied with their choice to commit to the agreements to be in thePlatinum Group
  • Have a clear understanding of what it takes to be a high performance athlete and have done everything within their power to reach their own personal highest potential
  • Having a clear understanding of their impact on the other swimmers of their Group and their role in helping their teammates achieve their highest potential
  • Having developed their personal character and leadership qualities as a result of being in the Platinum Group


The following expectations and guidelines are set forth by the Head Coach and Platinum Coach.

Each swimmer and parent must sign and return a copy of this contract to their Coach by the deadline tba.

  1. I agree to attend aminimum of 90% of practices. Each and every practice is a necessary component for the success as a Platinum swimmer. (e.g., if there is 22 practices per month you can miss approximately 2-3 practices per month)
  2. I agree to be responsible for my time management, including prioritizing school work and balancing swimming, and all other important areas of life i.e., family, church, friends, sleep. I understand the lifestyle of a high performance athlete is unique and not the normal schedule. I understand that my time is one of the most valuable thing I have and that I may have to make sacrifices from other things that are important to me in order to achieve my swimming goals and I am willing to do that to realize my maximum potential.
  3. I agree to be responsible for my own health and well-being and making sure that I get adequate sleep and rest.  I understand that rest and recovery are as important as the hard work and training, and they go hand in hand to prevent injury and produce maximum results.
  4. I agree to live a lifestyle of a high performance person that is appropriate for achieving greatest personal success. Platinum swimmers must maintain appropriate nutrition, as well as abstain from the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products.
  5. I agree and understand that as a Platinum level swimmer, my club training takes priority over high school practices and shall have limited interference from high school practices.
  6. I agree to arrive to practice on time with a positive attitude.
  7. I agree to train at or above my current level based on myexperience and speed. I understand training at this level requires attention, focus, efficiency and velocity when moving from set to set and that rest periods are planned and limited in order to promote maximum improvements.
  8. I agree to foster my relationship with my coach(es) and to communicate directly with my coach regarding my training, progress, swim meets, events etc.  At the Platinum level, the swimming relationship must be limited to coach/athlete in order for the swimmer to have reached an appropriate stage of autonomy. The individual who has the most influence of the athletes’ success is the ATHLETE. Parental involvement at the Platinum level should be that of fostering and nurturing swimmer/coach goal-setting and decision making to attain the highest possible level of success for each swimmer.
  9. I agree to have open communication with my coach if I have any problems or concerns. And I agree to go to the coach first and to my parents, then to the head coach, then to the board if I can’t my situation solved.
  10. I agree not to gossip about the team, the coaches, team mates or any other teams or swimmers. I understand gossip is very destructive and can negatively impact the group and the team. If I have a problem with someone, I will have the maturity to speak to that person directly or get my coach or parent’sassistance in being in communication to resolve the issue.
  11. I agree to attend all championship meets, advanced meets and any competitions recommended by the Coach.
  12. I agree and understand that I am required to obtain my IMX events, including all strokes and distances, including distance events as prescribed by the Coach.
  13. I agree to wear my designated team suit and team cap to all swim meets.
  14. I agree that Team tech suits or performance suits must be approved by the Coach and may not be worn at Eastern Committee meets and that they are only allowed at Invites, JO’s and advanced level meets.
  15. I understand I can wear tech suits during practice prior to any advanced meet.
  16. I agree to have all the required equipment and to be responsible for my own things.
  17. I promise to conduct myself with honor and selflessness at all competitions regardless of circumstances.
  18. I agree to participate in any clinics, events or activities designed to support the newer novice swimmers and I understand that as a Platinum swimmer, we have a responsibility to encourage and be role models for all other practice groups.
  19. I agree to abide by the Athlete Code Of Conduct both in my words, actions and in all social media.
  20. I agree to be responsible for participating in club fundraising and to meet the minimum of $250 during our Annual On-line Campaign or exceed the amount with no buyout. I understand this to be a swimmer responsibility and not my parents and I agree to actively raise a majority of all my fundraising requirements.
  21. I agree to also participate in the Swim-a-thon by raising the fundraising minimum.
  22. I agree and understand that the Coach may administer other sanctions appropriate to the breach of any expectation of this agreement, i.e., a swimmer ineligible to swim at upcoming meetor participate on relaysif team suit is not worn, etc.


1. Have 100% attendance. It’s not required but why not go for it? You won’t know you can do it unless you try.

2. Face your fears, Don’tbe afraid to Fail. Learn to Fail without losing confidence. Elite athletes know how to set goals that aren’t easy to obtain, then try and try and try again and never quit!

3. Understand that each practice is a necessary component for success, show up early, stay the entire time.

4. Don’t take racing so seriously, it’s just a race. Keep things in perspective and insist on having fun!

5. Love the sport of swimming, and everything about it.

6. Be passionate about the art of racing

7. Be positive, guard your thoughts from negative and critical thinking. Recognize what you are doing well.

8. Have confidence in yourself. After all, you’ve made it into the Platinum group which is not easy. So if you can that you can do anything you put your mind and and are willing to work for.

9. Enjoy challenges and difficult tasks, understand that these challenges build character and help the process of success in and out of the pool. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support.

10. Always seeks to do more then what is asked, is not satisfied doing the minimum

11. Understand that confidence is gained by being courageous and taking actions you’ve never taken before. Confidence, not arrogance is a key factor in being successful.

12. Give yourself honest self-assessment in practice and meets without putting yourself down.

13. Take responsibility for your actions and your impact on others in practice and meets

14. Understand that the “Athlete” has the most influence on the outcome, not parents, not coaches. Your success is within your power to effect.

15. Come to practice prepared with proper equipment and nutrition (water, sports drink, power bar)

16. Carry at all times spare suit, cap and goggles

17. Consult the coach concerning injury or illness or any other problems

18. Consult the coach when needing to miss practice to get an excused absence

19. Consistently offer the coach feedback on personal technique, training and meet performances

20. Improve ability to Focus and be involved in one’s own process, mindful training gets results faster.  No mindless training.

21. Commit to doing your best and when you fall short or break an agreement, address it directly and get back on track as quickly as possible. You do not have to do this perfection. It’s PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION.

22.Support your teammates 100%. In order for one person to win everyone must win. Take on making sure your teammate is successful and you will find new access to have successful, purposeful practices.

By committing to these goals, we believe you will create your best possible chance to achieving your highest potential not only in swimming but in every area of your life!

PDF version of Platinum Agreement

PDF version of Platinum Goals