PRACTICE GROUP ASSIGNMENTS - Once a swimmers joins, they are evaluated the first week of practice and assigned a practice group based on their age, skill level, and level of experience and availability.

  • New Swimmers 14 years of age and under start with a minimum of 3 - one hour practices per week.
  • New Swimmers 13 and over or in high school are fast-tracked into a practice group that practices 1 1/2 hours 3-5 times a week because this age group must compete at longer distances than the 12 & Unders.
  • Swimmers are Re-evaluated at the end of each season (short course Dec/Jan and long course July/Aug).
  • If a Recommendation to advance is given by the coach AND the swimmer meets all the group requirements, they will be advanced into the next group at a agreed upon time, usually at the start of the next season pending there are openings in the group.
  • The coach may recommend a transition plan for a season to adjust to the next level before advancing a swimmer depending on the best interests of the swimmer and team as a whole

Attendance, frequency and focus are key components to progressing in swimming. We, CHS, offer practice groups for both the serious athlete as well as the novice swimmer. We feel this is the greatest sport of all time and offers the greatest long term health benefits with the least amount of risk of injury. We look forward to sharing this amazing sport with your family and children.