CHS offers a “High School Membership Option” to any swimmer who intends to swim on their high school swim team during the Spring HS swim season. The HS Option allows swimmers to remain a full member of CHS Swim Team and enjoy the full benefits of supporting the team and participating in meets, team activities and practices while also participating in their HS teams for a reduced practice dues rate of $75 instead of $315 for the quarter.

The HS Option is no longer available for HS water polo.To take advantage of the HS Option parents/swimmers must notify the club coach of their intentions before Spring Quarter billing Feb. 1st or before the billing period prior to the start of the HS season.

Year-round club training greatly benefits swimmers as they participate in High School swim season. High school swimmers can still attend USA meets during the high school season if their schedule allows as UN Unattached. CHS coaches work closely with high school coaches to make sure the year-round athlete receives adequate training. Many high school coaches allow club swimmers to continue to train part of the week with their club teams for a better practice, and often the club coaches also coach high school. Consistent, frequent, even double workouts are common amongst competitive swimmers and competition experience both from high school and USA meets help prepare swimmers for peaks in performance at CIF as well as JAG (June Age Group Championships and Summer JO's. Swimmers unattach (UN) when swimming at USA meets during the high school season. Swimmers return to the team directly following High School CIF Championships in May