PARENTS ON DECK POLICY  (Revised 8/28/18)

In compliance with USA Swimming and SafeSport practices, Chino Hills Aquatics has a No Parents on Deck Policy in order to ensure safety for all swimmers and reduce risks and distractions during practices and meets.


  • CHS Parents please wait at outside the pool entrance until the water polo team exits and swim is done with lane line set-up.
  • Be sure to send your swimmer inside


  • After the pool deck set-up is complete, CHS parents can observe from the areas below
    • In the bleachers
    • Behind the water polo nets in the far SW southwest corner (shade)
    • Outside the pool gate


  • The only exceptions are parents volunteering specifically on that day. Once their volunteer job is complete they must return to designated parent observation areas (bleachers or SW corner)

Once a swimmer enters the pool gate, they are considered at practice and parents and guardians are no longer allowed to consult with their child, approach their swimmer or any other swimmer especially once the child has entered the water.

Not only is this a safety issue, but also allows the swimmer autonomy, self-responsibility and ownership. We also have many people coming and going and to protect our kids we want to keep the deck as clear as possible. We will be asking the other teams using the pool toe consider doing the same with their team members but there are no guarantees they will be on board.

Please partner with us in creating the best possible, environment for our swimmers to thrive.

Thank you! Coach Moon & All the Coaches & Swimmers