Timing chairs are a privilege and a mandatory obligation of each team attending the meet.  The host team assigns timing chairs based on the number of swimmers attending the meet. As a team we are expected to fill the chairs assigned to us.  If we fail to fill a timing chair we can be fined.  During the week prior to the event our jobs manager will send out an e-mail notification with a link to job sign-up (E-Z set-up, timing chairs, E-Z up breakdown) on the event web page.  Please sign-up for the time(s) most convenient for you.  Chairs and set-up/breakdown jobs not filled as of the Thursday night preceding the event will be assigned by the Meet Manager.  Families assigned to chairs may be  assessed a $25 penalty for not filling or finding someone to fill their assigned time.

Because filling the timing chairs is so important to ensure the young swimmers get accurate times, most teams do not award service hours for timing assignments and assess stiff penalties for non-participation.  We do not award service hours for timing chairs.