Swim Meet Responsibilities

(Effective July 24th, 2022)

Swimmers are entered in all meets/sessions they qualify for unless your account is declared as ‘DECLINE’ on Team Unify or you communicate with their group coach via E-mail Only.  If you can only attend one day of a multi-day meet, you must write in the ‘NOTE’ section indicating the day(s) you will attend.

IF a swimmer is entered in a meet and cannot attend, you must notify your group coach prior to the scheduled warmup via E-mail to avoid a ‘no show fee’.  Failure to do so results in a $25 fee per session missed.



Volunteer Responsibilities

(Effective July 24th, 2022)

There are muliplte ways that parents are able to help at swim meets to help us with our volunteer numbers at our swimmer's meets. Sign ups for away meets is on Team Unify next to your swimmers ‘COMMITMENT’ tab.

All parents with athletes registered in a meet have a responsibility to help with timing.  IF you are unable to meet that volunteer minimum, there are other ways that you can get your hours.

  • Volunteering to transport EZ-Ups to and from the meet location obliges timing obligations.
    • EZ-Ups should be picked up from CMAC on the last workout before the meet and returned the next workout following the meet.
  • A timing ‘no show fee’ of $30 per shift missed will be applied if a timing shift is missed without e-mail communication to your group coach.

  You can also sign up using the OnDeck App.


Home meet job duties are emailed internally through the website ‘Sign up Genius’.  All families are required to volunteer at home meets, and 12 hours each calendar year. 


Futher Swim Meet and Volunteer Policies are found in the Parent-Athlete Packet online.