CMAC Group Progression Information

Developmental Groups

CMAC 1-2-3 are designed to give young, developmental age-group swimmers the foundation to be a successful competitive swimmer. Our staff is focused on correct posture, balance, mechanics, and skill development in these groups, and less focused on how “fast” the swimmers are. That speed will come later, with a focused and sound upbringing in the sport.

Age Group & Senior Development are designed for athletes that are generally a bit older, and have less interest in becoming an elite swimmer. These groups are designed to offer the foundational mechanics to be successful in fitness swimming, high school swimming, and programs like Junior Life Guards. Swimmers are not pushed to compete, and are given developmentally appropriate training to keep them interested in pursuing the benefits of the sport in whatever area they choose to use them.

Performance Groups

The Age Group & Senior Performance groups are designed to offer high-level training options for those athletes beginning to take their swimming more seriously, and for those that have begun to see higher level results (blue times, WAG, JOs, etc.). These groups will give athletes the tools to be successful in pursuit of high-level high school performance, as well as offering the athletes a chance to pursue collegiate swimming as they mature.

Elite Groups

The Age Group & Senior Elite groups are for those swimmers that decide to pursue a more rigorous and demanding training environment that focuses on “whole-athlete” success. These groups offer a rounded dryland, swim-education, sport psychology, and water-based curriculum designed to offer the most dedicated and skilled athletes the best opportunity to pursue regional and national level achievement. Swimmers are expected to attend all scheduled practices, fully engage in the curriculum, and work cohesively with the staff and other athletes in the group to achieve success. Age Group Elite athletes are generally performing at the top level in WAG, JO’s, and aiming for national level success. Senior Elite athletes are working toward, or are at the Sectional level, and from there beginning the pursuit of Futures and Junior National level standards.


Our goal at CMAC is to offer the best environment possible for ALL types of swimmers and interest levels. GO CMAC!!!