Costa Mesa Aquatics Club is a year-round swim program. (NO TRYOUTS FOR SUMMER REC SWIM TEAM) You may start at anytime throughout the year.  If your child passes the tryout and you are interested in joining, you will need to complete your full registration with our team electronically via this web site.  See more details below.

Costa Mesa Aquatics Club is part of USA Swimming and Southern California Swimming. As a member of CMAC all athletes must compete in monthly meets on a regular basis. Our meet schedule is posted on our Events tab.



To schedule a tryout, please contact:

Keith Ryan

[email protected]


Do not register until AFTER tryout.  Following the tryout, your child's group coach will assign them a registration group.  Be sure to register your swimmer in the group as directed.  

To register, click 'Start Registration Here' below and create your account.



Click the 'USA Registration Form' link below and print.  After creating your account and registering your child in the appropriate group, fill out and return the USA Registration Form.  This MUST be turned in to the group coach prior to your child entering the water after a tryout.  No exceptions!

Payment is an annual fee of $74 and is paid online.  

USA Registration Form


Swim Lessons are also available through CMAC swimming.


Program Fees

2020/2021 Swim Team Dues (per child):

  • ANNUAL: Swim Team Dues $149
  • USA Swimming Registration ($74) CMAC Team Commitment ($75) 


  • MONTHLY: Swim Team Dues
  • Pre-Comp                                                                $100

  • CMAC 1                                                                    $120

  • CMAC 2                                                                    $130

  • CMAC 3                                                                     $140
  • Age Group Development                                          $140

  • Age Group Performance                                           $150

  • Age Group Elite                                                        $1175

  • Senior Development                                                $150

  • Senior Performance                                                 $160

  • Senior Elite                                                              $185

Sibling discounts are available, please contact Jose De La Jara.  

CMAC does offer scholarships on a case-by-case basis (families must provide proof of need).  Please contact Jose De La Jara for details at [email protected]


As a courtesy, CMAC offers tiered discounts based on payment schedule (annually, quarterly, monthly). Our fees and season are based on a 12 month schedule. ​



CMAC Billing Policy


Credit cards are automatically billed on the 1st of each month.  Accounts not paid by the 15th will incur a $15 late fee.  Accounts over 30 days past due will be suspended and member will not be allowed to enter water until account balance is brought current.  


CMAC requires at least 7 days’ notice prior to the 1st of each month to cancel membership.  Memberships canceled with less than 7 days’ notice are billed a 10% cancelation fee.  No refunds are issued after the 1st of each month.  CMAC does NOT prorate based on cancellation date, holidays, or Summer break (August).  

Suspended Accounts:

Accounts asked to be placed on temporary suspension are billed a $25 maintenance fee per account member per month.  Suspended accounts can be kept on temporary suspension up to 60 days.  Accounts suspended over 60 days will be cancelled and members must reregister as ‘new’ swimmers.  This includes repayment of the Team Commitment fee.  CMAC does NOT prorate based on suspension date, holidays, or Summer break (August).