Welcome to California Speed Swimming. We are an age group swim team sanctioned by USA Swimming, Our national organization for Olympic competition. We are a Christian organization who welcome all to the sport of swimming. We Currently practice at Villa Park high school, a 25 yard 11 lane pool. See our Practices page for dates and times.

Villa Park high school is located on Taft avenue, between Santiago Canyon Blvd. and Cannon. The pool is in the center of campus behind the gym.

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California Speed Swimming is an age group swimming program that is dedicated to preparing athletes for success in competition and life. We implement a seasonal planning system that creates a step-by-step progression of learning and success for all athletes. We strive to instill an understanding that both hard work and smart focused work will lead to success. We agree with coach John Wooden, that the measure of success is personal, and each of us must judge our effort by one simple standard. "Did we do our best to be our best?" A yes answer is success, anything else is something less.

The success measure is both a long term tool, did you do your best every day all season, and short term tool, did you do your best today. On the whole no one will honestly say they did their best every minute of every day, but you can hold yourself to the daily standard. If you regularly ask yourself if you are doing your best, you may not be the best, but in the end you will be much better.

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For more information email [email protected]


"Continuous effort, not strength or intellegence, is the key to unlocking out potential".
   -- Winston Churchill