Welcome to Desert Aquatics - 
Where do I start?  How much does it cost?  Sign up  USA Swimming Billing Swim Meets

1. Tryout - The first step is to come to swim with us. 
The coaches need to see you swim and put you in with the correct group of swimmers.  The coach will recommend Senior Elite, Senior Development, Junior Elite, Junior Development, or Novice group.  Contact Us for a tryout. 
Please be on time for your tryout.  You will need to bring goggles and a swim cap. 
To qualify for our Novice program, swimmers need to be able to swim a 25-yard freestyle and backstroke.


  • Tryouts will be held by appointment only with Coach Julie. 
  • We will not accept any walk-in tryouts, an appointment needs to be made, and tryouts are limited to five per day.  
  • Please bring goggles, swim cap, proper swim attire (no street clothes allowed in the pool), and sufficient water for a workout.

*We DO NOT offer swim lessons. 

2. Groups - There are 5 groups available in the non-summer months.  

Senior Elite (Age 13 & Over) - These athletes are our fastest swimmers. They are training for WAG, JAG, Junior Olympics, Sectional, and National meets. Admitted only upon coach's approval and test set completion. 90% attendance minimum requirement.   
Fees are $130 per month. 

Senior Development (Age 13 & Over) - Swimmers know all 4 strokes and are working on technique refinement, stroke development, racing techniques, and may include high school swimmers looking for additional improvement, many with the goal fo moving into our Elite group. 80% attendance is expected. Swimmers must know all 4 strokes with legal starts and turns and have the endurance to swim an extensive workout. 
The dues are $100 per month.

Junior Elite (13 & Under) - Swimmers in our Junior Elite are seasoned competitive age group swimmers. They know all four strokes legally and are working to refine stroke development, understand race strategy, and work on speed and endurance.   They are training for WAG, JAG, and Junior Olympics. Athletes are selected by the Head Coach and are required to complete test sets as set forth by the head coach.
Dues are $120 per month.

Junior Development (12 & Under) - Can do all the strokes but are still working out all the details.  They are expected to swim at meets attend practice regularly.  
Dues are $100 per month.

Novice - Can swim across the pool freestyle and backstroke and are learning breaststroke and butterfly.  Novice dues are $80 per month.  Swim meets are encouraged.  

           Introduction to Swim Team- This program will begin being offered in May of 2021 and will run through                        August 2021.  More details to come.  $70 per month.  Limited to 16 swimmers. 



Once your child has tried out and has been placed in a group, the coach will advise you on what equipment is necessary.  Goggles, a swim cap, and proper swim attire (jammers for boys and a training suit for girls.  No bikinis or novelty swimwear) are required for all levels.

For ALL swimmers SOLID black ARENA competition suit is required for swim meets.  We are proudly sponsored by ARENA.  Team suits, equipment, parkas, and bags can be purchased through CAS.  
Our team code for the CAS website is DSRT.  Please see the link under "Visit Our Sponsors" 

3. Sign up! - At the top of the web site click Register-Join

Then Continue at the bottom and fill in all of your account details. This is setting up the account so it has to be done by a parent or guardian. 

  • ACCOUNT is in the parent's name and MEMBER is the child. 

  • Automatic payment is required so put a credit card on file. 

  • Don't forget to buy your USA Swimming membership here too.

4. USA Swimming Membership - We are a USA Swimming sanctioned team.  We get all of our guidance and insurance from USA Swimming.  During the sign-up process you will purchase a USA Swimming membership for each swimmer.  The cost for 2021 is $72 each.

5. Billing - Your dues for the first month will be prorated (reduced) and along with your USA Swimming membership will be charged to your credit card.  Regular monthly dues will be charged the first of each month thereafter.  Swim meet entry fees will be charged to your credit card about a week before the meet.  Once meet fees are charged they cannot be refunded.  You must have a credit card on file.  This is how your monthly dues and swim meet fees are billed.

6.  Swim Meets - We compete in swim meets about once a month.  On the Events tab you will see the upcoming meets.  Once you see the pink Edit Commitment link there you can sign up for the meet.  After you sign up to go the coaches will help decide which events to enter.