Junior Elite



JR Elite consists of our top age-group swimmers (Ages 13 & under) aiming toward championship meets including committee championship, JAG, WAG, Invitationals, and Junior Olympics. Swimmers practice year-round and attend meets monthly. Swimmers can swim all 4 strokes and are working on stroke progression, refinement, speed, endurance, and racing techniques. Swimmers begin to identify a primary stroke and / or event but are required to compete in all events at the coach's discretion.



**90% minimum attendance requirement, 6 practice sessions per week.

**Types of training include aerobic and anerobic threshold, high-performance speed, and endurance training.

** Swimmers take ownership of performances, goal setting, nutrition, and overall healthy lifestyle to maximize potential.

** Test sets every 30 - 60 days to stay within the group to ensure athlete is placed at the right level for practice intensity.

**Swimmers must move into Sr. Development or Senior Elite by their 14th birthday.


Minimum Requirements:

  10 X 100 free @ 1:30 +15 sec.

rest (12 -13 yrs) / @ 1:45 +:15 rest

(11 & under)

10 X 50 kick :45 or less

@1:00 (12 -13 yrs) / 1:00 or less

@1:15 (11 & under)

10 X 50 free holding :40 or less on the :50 / holding :45 or less on the :55

10 X 100 primary stroke (Time standard vary by stroke)


Equipment Required

Swimming Fins

Pull Buoy



Hand Paddles

Swimmers are responsible for being on time and ready at the start of each practice. Swimmers must demonstrate maturity, desire, and swimming technique before they move into the next group. 


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