Fontana Aquatics Club! Celebrating our 60th year!


(10 years and younger)

An introductory training group with a technique-focused approach to building the 4 competitive strokes, turns, and racing starts. Athletes also learn the fundamentals of a workout and a meet environment with an emphasis on learning.


(10 years and younger)

Before coming to tryout, 9 and 10 year olds must be USA Swimming legal to a high level in all four competitive strokes, and be able to do a flip turn and racing dive from the blocks. Having swim team experience is strongly advised. Stroke technique and race patterns are emphasized, endurance and overall fitness is improved as we build the concept of team unity and support. Goals are to achieve Junior Olympic Times. Swimmers in this group must attend at least three practices a week and are expected to compete in meets monthly.           

60% practice attendance and regular meet participation are REQUIRED to remain in the group.

Group expectations:                                                                                       

1. Successful completion of all 50's and 100 Freestyle and 100 IM at meets.
2. Focus and maturity.                                                                                       

3. Attend minimum of 3 practices per week (5 offered).


(11-12 years old)

Bronze swimmers are capable of swimming all 4 competitive strokes consistently without disqualification. We put a big emphasis on stroke technique and aerobic training within a short workout. This group is geared towards swimmers who are continuing to learn skills such as clock management, some advanced drills, flip turns and starts. Participation in swim meets and other team activities is strongly encouraged.


(11-12 years old)

The Gold group continues the work on stroke technique, but we add race strategy and overall stroke balance. Swimmers develop swimming skills, as well as life skills through athletics. Goal setting and achievement are taught and monitored in this group.
70% practice attendance and regular meet participation are REQUIRED to remain in the group.


(13 and older)

Th Steel group is a challenging environment for swimmers to develop competitive swimming skills with a specific focus on preparing 8th – 12th Grade students for competition with their high school sports teams. Swimmers will concentrate on training, endurance and speed work. This is also a good fit for multi-sport athletes.


(13 and older)

The group is designed for swimmers who have made a commitment to year round swimming and wish to excel in this competitive sport. Platinum swimmers will compete in the age group, senior (and above) level, and are expected to meet attendance and other requirements during the course of the season.

80% practice attendance and regular meet participation are REQUIRED to remain in the group.

Platinum expectations/requirements to enter and remain in the group:
1, Display a high level of stroke competency in all four competitive strokes.
2, Maintain an average of at least 5 practices per week (7 practices offered).
3, Attend at least 1 AM workout per month.
4, Bring all required gear to all workouts.
3, Have 2 individual meetings during the season (or more if desired).
4, Attend all required meets.
5, Ability to swim 10x100 Free on 1:30.