Fontana Aquatics Club! Celebrating our 60th year!


(13 years and older)


Coach: Tyson Ormonde


Practice Time: M-F 6:45-7:45pm

Group Focus:

  • Pre-Senior group is a challenging environment for swimmers to develop competitive swimming skills with a specific focus on preparing students for competition with their high school sports teams. Swimmers will concentrate on training, endurance and speed work. Swimmers are encouraged to attend meets, minimum 1 per season.


  • Must be legal in all 4 strokes.
  • Must be 13 years old and older.

Practice Attendance:

  • Swimmers are encouraged to attend 3-5 practices each week.

Competition Attendance:


Required training Equipment:


Required Team Apparel:

  • Team suit, team cap, 2 team t-shirts, team hoodie. Parka is highly suggested.