(15 years and older)


Coach: Jamie Glover


Practice Time:

Group Focus:

  • In the Senior group, swimmers are expected to make the transition from Age Group, to Senior level swimming.  A great emphasis will be placed on technique, training, and race strategy. Swimmers will focus on achieving Invite, Junior Olympic, and above time standards. Attitude, effort and attendance are heavily taken into consideration when making the move to the Senior group.


  • Must be legal in all 4 strokes.
  • Must be able to commit to a minimum of 3 practices per week, 5 is expected.
  • Must be 15 years old and older
  • Must be able to make 10x100 Free swim on 1:40 girls/ 1:30 boys.
  • Must have current times in all strokes and distances offered for the age group.
  • Must have BB national time cuts.
  • Must be able to read a pace clock (know when to leave the wall and how far apart as well the ability to read times on each repeat).

Practice Attendance:

  • Swimmers are required to attend 3-5 practices each week.

Competition Attendance:

Required training Equipment:


Required Team Apparel:

  • Team suit, team cap, 2 team t-shirts, team hoodie. Parka is highly suggested.

Time Standards:

  • USA Swimming National Time Standards
  • JO's, JAG, WAG, Sectionals


Senior Group Swimmers Goals:


Goals for Senior Elite Swimmers:

  1. Have 100% attendance. It’s not required but why not go for it? You won’t know you can do it unless you try.
  2. Face your fears, Don’tbe afraid to Fail. Learn to Fail without losing confidence. Top athletes know how to set goals that aren’t easy to obtain, then try and try and try again and never quit!
  3. Understand that each practice is a necessary component for success, show up early, stay the entire time.
  4. Don’t take racing so seriously, it’s just a race. Keep things in perspective and insist on having fun!
  5. Love the sport of swimming, and everything about it.
  6. Be passionate about the art of racing
  7. Be positive, guard your thoughts from negative and critical thinking. Recognize what you are doing well.
  8. Have confidence in yourself. After all, you’ve made it into the Senior group. So if you know that you can do anything you put your mind and and are willing to work for.
  9. Enjoy challenges and difficult tasks, understand that these challenges build character and help the process of success in and out of the pool. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support.
  10. Always seeks to do more then what is asked, is not satisfied doing the minimum
  11. Understand that confidence is gained by being courageous and taking actions you’ve never taken before. Confidence, not arrogance is a key factor in being successful.
  12. Give yourself honest self-assessment in practice and meets without putting yourself down.
  13. Take responsibility for your actions and your impact on others in practice and meets.
  14. Understand that the “Athlete” has the most influence on the outcome, not parents, not coaches. Your success is within your power to effect.
  15. Come to practice prepared with proper equipment and nutrition (water, sports drink, power bar).
  16. Carrat all times spare suit, cap and goggles.
  17. Consult the coach concerning injury or illness or any other problems.
  18. Consult the coach when needing to miss practice to get an excused absence.
  19. Consistently offer the coach feedback on personal technique, training and meet performances.
  20. Improve ability to Focus and be involved in one’s own process, mindful training gets results faster.  No mindless training.
  21. Commit to doing your best and when you fall short, address it directly and get back on track as quickly as possible. You do not have to do this perfection. It’s PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION.
  22. Support your teammates 100%. In order for one person to win everyone must win. Take on making sure your teammate is successful and you will find new access to have successful, purposeful practices.

By committing to these goals, we believe you will create your best possible chance to achieving your highest potential not only in swimming but in every area of your life!