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We care about our team and that is why we require all families following


FAC Safe Return to Practice Plan and Guidelines.



1. ALL SWIMMERS must wear masks when they leave the car and until they return to the car at pick up time. 
2. ALL PARENTS must wear masks if you are assisting with check in, approaching the facility for a question, or approaching and waiting at the exit gate.
3. If any household member has been in for COVID19 testing because of possible exposure, your swimmer MUST stay home until a negative result has come confirmed or for 14 days.
4. We ask at this time to notify your child's coach of any possible exposures your swimmer may come across. The procedure FAC will follow is to first notify your swimmer's group, the coach will notify the board Secretary, and the board will notify the team once we have more information.
5. Please model appropriate and respectful behavior on mask wear. We all have varying opinions. As a team, we must protect our swimmers with the best tools we have and be respectful of each other's health concerns at this time. If you wish not to wear a mask, yet have a question, we ask at this time for you to use email or WhatsAPP to communicate to your child's coach or board member.
6. While you are expected to wear a mask at all times, we know you may have forgotten your mask. If you need a mask upon arrival, please wait at the top of stairs, and one will be delivered to you. This delay will not bar your swimmer from practice.
To ensure we all follow all the CDC, City of Fontana, and FAC guidelines and procedures we will be instituting a COVID19 disciplinary action plan for violations of these guidelines. 
1st warning: The family and swimmer will receive a verbal/email warning 
2nd warning: The family and swimmer will be suspended for one day of practice
3rd warning: The family will be called in for a meeting and the swimmer will be suspended for 2 weeks of practice