Passion to Race Courage to Win




To be a nationally recognized program that teaches the importance of character and trains all levels of swimmers from beginners to Olympians.



To provide swimmers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to realize the best version of themselves as athletes, students and members of their communities in safe environment. Positive and healthy collaboration between swimmers, coaches, and parents is essential to fulfilling our mission.


Team philosophy: 

FAC believes our swimmers win when they consistently show up on deck with a positive attitude, a willingness to work and the expectation they will have fun. We so passionately want our athletes to believe they can achieve what they set their mind to that we have structured our training to develop our athletes holistically. As our swimmers develop emotionally and physically, workload and expectations increase to allow them to reach their full potential. 

Fundamental to this approach are our core values of Respect, Discipline, Integrity and Commitment. These core values are the basis of our culture and guide our coaching philosophy to Create champions in and out of the water by giving our coaches the flexibility to deliver personalized, high-quality training to every level of our program.