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Team Waiver Forms for Travel

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Leave of Absence for Personal and Medical Leave


In order to remain an active member of the team, dues will be paid each month regardless of how many practices you attend. Monthly dues will not be prorated. All members taking a LOA must complete a LOA form and submit it to any FAC Board member by the 15th of the month prior to the effective date.

*If your training group has a waiting list, you will be placed on the waiting list. Also you will be required to pay a reactivation fee of $25, and your account must be reconciled with a zero balance before the swimmer is reactivated.

Personal Leave of Absence

If for personal reasons a swimmer decides to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) for one full calendar month or less, you are responsible for the full month’s dues.

After one full calendar month and up to three months, you are responsible for paying 50% of your swimmer’s dues for each month missed.

If a swimmer returns after a 3-month absence and/or does not pay the LOA fee for each of the months missed, they will be considered a NEW swimmer*.

As a new swimmer, you will be subject to space availability.

Medical Leave of Absence

Dues will be waived for any illness or injury if the swimmer is absent for one or more full calendar months. (Physician written verification required.)

In the case of injury or illness, a LOA form must be submitted along with a doctor’s note restricting your child from participating.

A medical release form from your child's physician must be submitted prior to your child participating and re-entering the pool.